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Amazon enters the cloud game streaming market with luna

Amazon has just launched its next game streaming platform Luna. Does anyone ask this? I'm not sure this is what the world needs, but Amazon has data centers all over the world, and I think they can also use these for streaming games. They sell everything from kitchen utensils to novelty shoes, but they are also one of the world's largest Internet service companies and operate most of the Internet infrastructure. Their Amazon Web Services division is at least as important to them as the retail business, and consumer-oriented game streaming services are at least in theory a good way to add another business application to the infrastructure.

Although all of this also applies to Google and its Stadia service, it failed to generate any real enthusiasm among gamers. Although Google has basically managed the technical implementation of streaming services in the best way we hope, it has failed to prove that Stadia and game streaming are generally just looking for solutions to problems.

Like Stadia, they offer on-demand games, and you can pay in advance to access the games. They also offer a Luna+ subscription for $5.99 per month, which includes selected games, removes the concurrent use limit for a single device, and increases playback to 1080p/60fps, although it is not clear how the benchmark performance applies to unsubscribed users. Give it to Luna+. The price of $5.99 is only for the early access period, and the price will increase at some point in the future, although Amazon has not bothered to say how much it will increase.

The strange thing about Amazon's Luna and Google's Stadia is that for some reason they both seem to think that showing us a game that is only possible on their platform is particularly valuable. They are basically packed with games that can be easily obtained on any semi-decent gaming PC or any gaming console currently on the market. If you don't take advantage of all of Amazon's cloud infrastructure, where is the game impossible? They showed us the vision of the future realized through the unlimited power of the cloud, and then they simply demonstrated this magical technology of the future that can also run on cheap consoles in 2013.

Compared to other game broadcasts, an interesting aspect of the products de Luna is that they are compatible with iOS devices and are provided by a web browser. They won't post to the iOS App Store, but they will provide the Luna web app. From a technical point of view, this may not be an ideal solution, but it allows Amazon to avoid paying Apple a certain percentage of sales.

For any new gaming rig, we hope to have a new controller, and the Amazon Luna controller is this controller. If you mistake it for a picture of a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you are not alone. It seems to me that they were separated at birth.

It's hard to be excited about this, especially when Amazon has tried many times in the past to enter the gaming world and failed. Maybe they can use the Twitch integration to get attention, but other than that, we haven't really seen anything set the world on fire.

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