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Amazon demos mmorpg new world 50 v 50 mode

With a full version on July 23, 23, Amazon offers details about the next MMORPG.

Amazon issued a new game video transmitted during the summer of the world of transmission. I often saw how the game is reproduced, not the hi-field trailer. If a new image is expected to be a measure, the new world spends it with the revolution of the MMO genre, but it seems much fun. The war mode

will be repaired for the administration of the opposite side of 50 players. On the other hand, while protecting strength, other things will announce attacks. However, there is a considerable way to lead the road to the final climate for a long time.

The new world is divided into various areas that have given a transfer governor to enjoy the financial benefits of the land. Other players can weaken the retention of regional governors by completing the various faction missions. Repeat the effects of the defender requests the option to declare the war.

From there, the power of attack must claim some preliminary meeting points before reaching the door of the fortress. Once the door is opened, the siege of the full-scale fortress is carried out according to the side of the dispute where the player will fall by maintaining the placing claim of the folder or the restriction of that territorial.

The powerful steam weapons in the range of guns to repeaters are equipped with a varistor and fire dropper to add flavors to Hong Kong found in these widespread PVPs.

Amazon has jumped to Mmo Bandwagon 10 years later, but these Largescale fights are certainly attractive and the lure of the first player can be launched. From the video, the War mode seems quite chaotic, and this 50 V50 combat is playing in several ranges.

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