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Amazon crucible axing two modes

After a less than ideal release last month, retail giant Amazon’s first complete game, the hero shooter Crucible, is losing some excess fat.

In a statement released late last week, developer Relentless Studios announced that it would delete two of the three existing crucible modes. The developer explained that players have flocked to the Heart of the Hive mode, while the other two, Harvest Command and Alpha Hunters, were rarely loved by the first wave of Crucible players.

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Relentless Studios explained: “The community gathers around the heart of the hive in amazing ways. Looking to the future, we will put all our efforts at the heart of the hive and what we can do to make the model shine. Focusing on one mode allows us to improve the design of the core system without having to commit to supporting three game modes. This means that we will be retiring Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters for the foreseeable future. Once our new player's experience improves, we will soon remove Alpha Hunters and Harvester Command from the list of game modes.

By doubling down on Heart of the Hives, the developers hope to deliver a more focused gameplay by improving its core system while considering the model. Relentless detailed a two-stage strategy to achieve this goal.

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First, the developers will focus on the features that Crucible requests bring, such as voice chat, an improved ping system, minimaps, surrender options, and a system for handling AFK players. In addition, we will also strive to comprehensively improve performance and playability, especially by improving frame rate, hit feedback, combining, and introducing tutorials to help novice players master the Crucible experience.

The second phase will introduce new systems and enhancements to enhance the Crucible experience. Relentless explained that these will be selected based on player feedback. Despite this, the developers have set out to readjust the Hives map, improve enemy creatures, add custom games, and improve Crucible's social features.

Although Relentless is focusing its resources to improve the game, the developers are putting the first season of Crucible aside. “We will also use our time in PreSeason as an opportunity to devote our full attention to the parts of Crucible that resonate the most with you and our community,” Relentless said.

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