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All the big news from ubisoft forward

Ubisoft is usually a highlight of the E3 calendar, where they are always wild cards. You never know what they're going to do next, whether it's a great new "Just Dance" musical extravaganza, Jon Berntal with his dog on stage or Shigeru Miyamoto and Yves Gillette Mott playing with some toy guns on stage. This year, like many other publishers, they have converted large-scale new game submissions to online-only formats and will be holding a series of demos. This year is Ubisoft Forward's first live stream, but Ubisoft confirmed at the end of the show that it will host another Ubisoft Forward before the end of the year. We don't have an exact date, but maybe before the end of the year, it will make sense before all the big year-end releases.

Overall, the program ran stably, but there were no complications. As far as I know, everything is pre-recorded, which helps them to proceed at an appropriate speed, which means it feels very elegant and refined, but maybe it lacks personality in terms of structure and presentation style, especially compared to under. Before Ubisoft’s appearance at E3.

There is a problem with your "Watchdog 2" free program. Many users, including me, cannot log in to uPlay when streaming, but only receive an error message. Ubisoft acknowledged the problem and then promised to make sure that everyone can participate in the giveaway. They have solved this problem by handing over the game to someone who missed it while streaming on this page, so if you are interested, please sign up for free Watch Dogs 2 here.

I'm not sure if Ubisoft will resolve the large-scale restructuring they have been going through, because people in management positions at Ubisoft have repeatedly accused them of unprofessional behavior. Just 24 hours before this broadcast, we heard news that its three oldest employees had resigned due to serious allegations. I think there may be some kind of attempt to clarify or comment on this situation, but I think Ubisoft watched this event only to promote their game, not to have any broader conversations with their players. There is no quick solution to a situation like this. They need to make a commitment to continuous improvement, but these personal changes are a good sign that they intend to take decisive action, but they have a long way to go to start. Walk down.

If you want to view the entire content, it is archived on Ubisoft's YouTube page, including pre-game and post-demo demos. However, if you only want the highlights, we've cut out all the key details and the most interesting ads for you.

We have some new trailers for the upcoming open world cracking game. These expand on the system, where you can recruit and play any role in the game, and show off some unique abilities that each role will have. This is an interesting mechanism and I can't wait to see how far you can take it. When it comes to very serious issues, such as resistance to totalitarian states, excessive surveillance, and militarized private surveillance, it is difficult to know exactly the atmosphere of the game. But these are all offset by more stupid comic elements and playful atmosphere. I'm not sure how these two aspects will be reconciled in the full game, but these two trailers at least let us know what will happen.

There is no big deal here, but the good news is that this 2D fighting game is now available for iOS and Android, and all versions have been updated to provide cross-platform multiplayer games.

It is crazy to think that this game came out five years ago and is now bigger than ever. Perhaps this is an example of a game that has worked well from the beginning, but with the correct support and continuous promotion of the publisher, it has achieved greater success. Ubisoft shared this video to pay tribute to the players who helped "Rainbow Six: Siege" succeed today.

We have released this game, so they took this opportunity to show you some of the different abilities and mobility options you will have. In addition, they developed most of the backstory, even if to be honest, the configuration is fairly ordinary science fiction. There are some great melee weapons and attacks, and some interesting long-range weapons.

In the classic tradition of announcing the out-of-the-box, the beta version of Hyper Scape for PC has just been released, grab it now.

Maybe this is not as exciting as we thought, because the leak has let us know what will happen. Ubisoft gave us a "deep" understanding of the different systems that play a role in this new 12th Assassin's Creed game. I was a bit surprised at how much this series deviated from assassinations, but this trailer still looks interesting, showcasing many different types of gameplay.

also has a longer game demo as part of the post show, with larger game blocks and unedited comments.

We are all waiting for the surprise announcement. There is no game screen yet, but we do have a full movie trailer. This is a stylish film that represents a turbulent country where Giancarlo Espisito's president, Anton, and his son Diego, are in front of law enforcement officers and people. In the context of a growing tension between the two, there are very tense moments. It's hard to know exactly what will happen, because "Far Cry" is a series that has been in a repeating cycle to some extent since "Far Cry."

How do things play, have not yet avoided showing it?

Do any of these great ads will resonate with you? Was it a target audience for Dam's blue finishing mobile games that you have intentionally felt? Did you want it not to appear? What you thought of Ubisoft First first thought Ubisoft forward.

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