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Alienware x15 laptop revealed

A major focus of Nvidia's keynote speech at Computex is to continue to integrate its GPU into gaming laptops. Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of GeForce, said that GeForce notebooks are the fastest-growing gaming platform, and pointed to the FPS performance scale that DLSS provides for the same power in its MaxQ 3.0 GPU. The

conference focused on introducing a new series of ultra-thin gaming notebooks with a thickness of only 15.9 mm, which is nearly 2 mm thinner than Razer’s thinnest 15-inch Razer Spirit Blade gaming notebook at 17.8 mm, which is the ultra-thin so far. The first place in the paragraph. gamble. Chief among these

is the new Alienware x15 laptop. Scheduled for release on June 15, 2021, with a suggested retail price of US$1,999, it looks like it will become the main contender for the crown of Razer and other best ultra-thin gaming laptops. In addition, there is Alienware x17, which is essentially the same laptop, but a 17-inch version.

We provide all the specifications of this ultra-thin laptop below to your satisfaction!

Below you can see the specifications of the Alienware x15 ultra-thin gaming laptop. Although the notebook comes with RTX 3080 (MaxQ version), the key to note is that the card's power is only 90W, which is dynamically increased by 20W; this means that the effective power of the card will be much lower than other RTX 3080. Notebooks with power up to 140W computer. Great sacrifice in the name of slim design! Another way for

Alienware to save space on this beautiful-looking laptop is to put all the ports and plugs on the back. You will also notice that the number of USB ports has been reduced compared to some models.

Stay tuned for more information and in-depth reviews on the latest gaming laptops on WePC. Check out our recent Razer Blade Pro 17 (2021 Edition) review for the products offered by the competition, and if you'd like us to review a specific gaming laptop, let us know in the comments section below.

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