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Alienware m15 r1 laptop lawsuit

We have already reported an issue with the limited number of CUDA cores that Alienware M15 R5 buyers run in their RTX 3070 GPUs, and now another criticism is directed at Alienware and Dell.

This time is about the Alienware 51M R1 laptop, also known as the'Area 51', especially the marketing of the laptop. A highlight of the

Dell Alienware laptops is their ability to be upgraded and customized in the future, which is obviously a huge selling point for PC gamers who like to get as much performance from their machines.

However, a specific potential user/customer of Dell stated that the company falsely claimed, at least by inference, that "core components" (according to the plaintiff, referring to the computer’s CPU and GPU notebooks) could be: Upgrade in fact they are not.

Obviously, this is just a statement at present, and Dell is likely to defend his innocence, but from a public relations point of view, considering another issue with the launch of its Alienware m15 R5, this is not ideal.

You can view the full claim details below.

The exact wording of the plaintiff's complaint against Dell is cited below for those who want to read the details:

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