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Alienware 25 gaming monitor

Another day of CES brought many exciting new technologies for audiences to try out. Dell has released a lot of cool news, including the impressive Alienware 25 gaming monitor (AW2521HF).

We are loyal fans of the DELL product line, so we did not waste time to visit their booth so that we can see everything this gaming monitor beast has to offer. Dell

introduced this new monitor at CES earlier this week and was quoted as saying that it will be available to consumers starting March 11, 2020. They said it will be listed for $500, and if this is true, then the monitoring is very reasonable. Pricing. The

new gaming monitor will have a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG response time. We had the opportunity to see the monitor, and everyone clearly saw the smoothness. The display is an IPS panel that provides FreeSync and GSync compatibility.

All of this is contained in a very stylish 24.5-inch screen, which has been perfectly optimized for competitive sports games. In other words, it also provides excellent color accuracy for entertainment purposes.


DELL is no stranger to creating high-performance displays, and their Alienware 25 gaming display is no exception.

We can’t wait to see how this works when paired with other outstanding displays launched this year. I think we will have to wait for those comparisons!

Let us know if you want to see anything from CES 2020 by leaving a comment below. Even better, head to our community center, where you can discuss everything that has been announced so far.

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