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Add roles in discord

Discord is the VOIP service of choice for gamers and everyone else today. Since Discord is easy to use, reliable, and free, it's not hard to see why it's so popular. The software is feature-rich, providing users with a host of different options and settings for modification.

For users who have their own server, a new problem may arise. To get started, creating, removing, and assigning the proper permissions can be a daunting task. Discord has thirteen server permissions, nine text permissions, and seven voice permissions. These permissions need to be split a lot, but how to add roles in Discord?

In this article, we will show you how to add roles in Discord, how to assign roles to specific users, and how to delete roles.

Discord's permission system is based on the roles you assign to its members. These permissions can be assigned at the server level and at the specific channel level within the server.

Discord has 29 permissions in total, divided into general, text, and voice. An example of one of these roles is whether your server administrator has created the "host" role. This feature may be able to mute and ban other users on your server.


So you have created your new Discord server, now it's time to build a structure and add roles for your most trusted members!


Right-click your server, then click "Server Settings", and then click "Roles"


Now you need to click the "+" sign at the top of the "Roles" page. After clicking the "Add" button, you can rename and color the new role


Now you need to grant certain permissions to the new role. To do this, scroll down and choose from the various permissions available.

Save your changes and your new role is complete!


Now that you have configured roles on the server, you may want to assign them to specific members. This is easier than adding a new character, which we will show you below.


Right click on your server and click on "Server Settings"


Now click on "Members" to see the current users of your server


Next, click on the name of the member that You want to assign The "+ sign" next to the role is


. A drop-down list of the roles you created will appear. Select the role you want to assign. The username should change the color to match the role


. Removing the role from Discord is very simple. Just click a button.


Right click on your server and navigate to "Server Settings", then navigate to "Roles"


After entering the role, you just need to click on the role you want to remove and scroll down to the bottom, you will see "Delete [role name]"


Click "OK" to complete the removal of role

That's it! Now you know how to add roles to Discord and you can start auditing your server.

role management is a great way to keep your Discord server organized and happy. Of course, if you have only a few friends on and off the server, roles are not that important, but for large communities, roles are the only thing that keeps them away from chaos.

Want to take your new Discord server to the next level? Why not add a server robot?

If you have more questions about operating Discord, please check our How to Use Discord page for a complete list of all our Discord guides.

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