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Acer xb323k 4k 144hz hdmi 21 emerges

The 4K 144 Hz monitor seems to be popular, thanks to the arrival of the Nextgen console with a highly active GPU and the Nextgen console. If HDMI 2.1 is more widely compatible, NextGen Console Gamers can use high-end monitor to enjoy 4K Game @ 120Hz each. The last monitor of

emerges' 4k U UHD HDMI 2.1 is an IPS IPS panel of 32 people with the XB323K-VESA SPAYSHDR600 certification. Equipped with all the expected functions of Acer's Highend Predator Lineup, including rapid response, high frequency update, high color accuracy and wide range of colors.

The new new details of Acer XB323K recently present many specifications and monitor functions. According to the list, we can estimate the price of the US. UU to be $ 13001,400 regions. That said, there is no detailed view of the release date of the United States / Europe and the price at this early stage. While going to the

specification, XB323K offers an immersive 32 "Fast IPS" (AU Optronics) panel, the fast update frequency of 144Hz and the "True 1 MS" response time, a single salt from the knob. XB323K also has 0.5 response time G2G minimum 0.5 3840 x 2160 "4K" UHD screen resolution.

The Predator Monitor is equipped with a wide range of contrast ratios, 700cd / m2 peak brightness (in HDR mode), Line of Vision 178/178, and 99.5% of Adobe RGB spectra. 99Oip3: It's quite impressive.

This monitor seems to review all the correct boxes and offers great image quality, as well as a smooth and soft game experience. In addition, it provides the next console and provides some HDMI ports 2.1. Variable update rates seem to be compatible with AMD and NVIDIA systems, but the listings declared that there is GSYNC compatible with things.

VESA SELLAYSHDR600 works with XB323K and allows users to join with higher levels of details of color and realism. EDGELIT Local Diming helps create a more realistic HDR experience, but there is only a limited number of areas available, or it seems that. The port includes 2 x DisplayPort 1.4, 2 x HDMI 2.1 and 4 x USB 3.0. Of course, there are not only 3.5mm audio connectors.

If you write this, you have not yet known details about the US launch date. UU / European and prices. However, if more detailed details are made, the monitor will be retail from $ 13001400 brands if more details occur. But this is all speculation, it is a lot of things, I think it will only say time.

In both directions, XB323K seems to be an incredible game monitor.

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