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9700k vs 10700k

I trust the Intel 300 chipset to connect to the rest of the motherboard. Compare CPUs are fine, but the connection to the base plates is important, and you may need to change the motherboard during the update.

It is also another cost to add to the formula when it describes what CPU is one of the most budgets. The current 9700K chipset is Intel`s Z390, but 10700K takes a Kite Z490 lake chipset through the LGA 1200 socket.

Coffee Lake Update processors also continued to improve the process of 14 Nm of Intel, which is still a model of Lake Comet. NM refers to nanometers due to the many surfaces of the surface in these CPUs.

Microprocessors are called for all reasons. In particular, this process is its own process, so it is unique for Intel and is designed to decrease the current density of the CPU model transistor. By innovating this process, it is possible to increase the maximum power that can be processor.

The thermal design power also changes between the Café Lake and the Comet Lake architecture. 9700K and other processors of the coffee lake series have Humble 95Watt TDP, but the Comet Lake series increases for a substantial amount at 125 watts.

The speed of the clock is if you can create a synchronization pulse that controls and controls the functions of the computer. Consider it as the heartbeat of the motherboard of your computer.

Gigahertz measured, the speed of the modern processor clock is very fast and very fast. For example, 9700K is 3.6 GHz of base clock speed or 3,600,000,000 clock cycles after 1 second. The 10700K default clock speed is a little higher than 3.8 GHz.

There is also an increase clock speed along with the standard speed of the CPU. This is a place where the computer uses the Turbo function and overclock to improve the power supply for a period of time. If 10700K has just overcome it at 5.10 GHz, 9700K reaches 4.90 GHz.

9700K and 10700K are i7 processors. You will get the concept of performance power. Like I9S, the I7 CPU tends to be owned by computers with editors and professionals that require additional performance given through the commercially popular I5.

i7 has two cores in i5 and two cores, both special CPUs for each sport. The main difference between the Coffee Lake processor and the new COMET LAKE processor is the addition of Intel Hyperthread technology.

This is a double thread in a nucleus, so eight threads have eight cores, but the 10700K function and its hyperthyreading function have eight cores, it makes it possible to work more vigorously. Workload at a time.

overclocking is a perfect way to add additional energy to the CPU as necessary. It is carried out by granting the CPU beyond the manufacturer's pre-established clock frequency limit. The

was technically manipulated with the processor, so it disables the warranty and means that it is covered if your purchase is covered if something is not successful. It is better to play videogames or overclock for a period that performs other intensive tasks that improve performance.

Change and game game sessions can be overclated without damaging PC components. However, it is recommended that it be checked if the i79700k and i710700k is a pretty powerful processor, so you should check if you need to use overclocking before making a habit.

Both need to manage the highest high-end game with high FPS, so if you need to be at risk, why the overclock? Both

Coffee Lake and Comet Lake Processor are related to today's set environment, especially if these CPUs are i7.

9700K only appeared in 2018, but 10700K recently recently recently in 2020, so there should be no problem obtaining one of these components. They are also plentiful because they are checked by linking this page quickly.

While purchasing prices, 9700K and 10700K are very close at the time of writing. There are few differences between the two, but we argue that 10700k is worth 9700k almost every time. We have a better specification of 10700K than 9700K because the price is very similar.


3.8 GHz








3.8GHz / 5.1GHz

Core (Thread)



ES, in CPU of 9700K and 10700K our fast primer is completed. It is worth migrating from 9700K to 10700K, it is recommended to get one of them if the old CPU or the CPU is quite sporty. Our two cents? I think the cost is a giant gaming machine here.

The cost may have changed at the time of reading, but you should still get points what we are saying. 9700K and 10700K are particularly similar, but it is recommended that you go to the future or anything, even if you add a transaction or that suits your performance expectations. Assuming that the cost is similar, we will help you grab 10700K each time. Due to the additional power that can be purchased from 10700K, the price difference of $ 10 to 50 is small.

The only disadvantage here is that it requires more expensive base plates for 10700K than 9700K. Look at your options and see what processors are the most executed for you.

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