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9600k vs 9700k

If you're not entirely sure what to look for, choosing a processor for your gaming computer can be an overwhelming process. Everybody knows how fast they want, but it's hard to tell all the different CPU specs to know what's good and what's not.

If you look at the Intel Core i59600K and i79700K side by side, the difference between them may not always be obvious, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terminology used to describe the specifications. That is why we conducted a comprehensive study of these two processors to compare the two products.

By looking at all the specs and features of these two CPUs, we've put together all the important information you need to know in one place. To learn more about the i59600K and i79700K processors, please continue reading. The

CPU is built for enthusiasts. It has better improvements than its predecessors, and supports impressive clock speeds and optimized boost functions. This processor belongs to the 9th generation Core 9000 series, also known as Coffee Lake S. The

has a basic clock speed of 3.7 GHz and supports Intel Optane memory. The CPU uses AESNI encryption and Intel cPro technology, and is protected by Boot Guard.

In modern games, some tasks require a lot of CPU power. The processor can improve performance to a new level and can guarantee a higher 4.6 GHz clock speed. Furthermore, it also supports DDR4RAM running at 2666MHx in dual channel mode.

In terms of integrated graphics, the processor includes Intel HD Graphics UHD 630. Combined with 24 execution units, this will provide you with enough graphics processing power to take advantage of Intel Quick Sync, GPU computing, and most importantly, the games. It can be processed efficiently. The

CPU redefines the previous possibilities. It uses a new 9th generation Intel Core processor to achieve unprecedented power and responsiveness.

has 6 cores and up to 9MB of cache. By taking the performance limit to a new level, it is very suitable for enthusiasts and professional gamers. It is unlocked, which means you can set the speed, because overclocking allows you to achieve the best performance. The

new series of Intel Core processors brings an improved Coffee Lake S update. The latest update series brings some much-needed enhancements, including unlocking the fact that the CPU now provides a soldered heat sink, which allows heat to be dissipated from the CPU more efficiently. This allows a higher clock frequency to be used for a longer period of time. The

Intel Core i79700K is a high-end model from the Core 9000 series. It has a total of eight cores, the processor has an impressively high clock frequency and an optimized boost function, which is better than previous generation products. The TDP of this processor is relatively low, only 95 watts. The

has a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz and provides a high clock frequency that automatically increases according to the scene. The processor has a turbo boost function, which can synchronize the CPU cores to meet the performance needs of users. 4444 If the game is running, you can increase the acceleration clock to run one or more cores, depending on the needs at the time. It can also be overclocked because it has an unlocked multiplier. The

processor supports a maximum clock frequency of 2,666 MHz in DDR4RAM, and the CPU also supports dual-channel mode.

The 8th generation Intel Core Pentium and Celeron processor series (Coffee Lake S) introduced the first 6-core processor for high-performance applications. These processors use the latest optimized 14 nanometer technology.

In addition to the Intel 300 series chipset, compared to previous generation processors, these processors can also provide better CPU and graphics performance.

They also introduced support for USB 3.1 Generation 2. S-series processors have greater manufacturing flexibility and can match performance, functionality, and price.

Provide 65 W and 35 W thermal design power options to accommodate different design configurations with low power and performance requirements. Because of their advanced features, they are very suitable for games.

In computer terms, clock speed is the frequency at which the processor's clock generator can generate pulses, which are then used to synchronize the operation of its components.

is used as an indicator of processor speed. The clock speed is in gigahertz, and the number is the number of clock cycles that the CPU can execute per second. For example, a processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz can execute 1,600,000,000 clock cycles per second.

As shown in the specifications, the i5 processor lacks hyper-threading and has a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz.

However, the base clock speed of i7 is actually slightly lower at 3.6GHz. However, to compensate for this, i7 has a boost clock speed of 4.9GHz, while i5 has a boost clock speed of 4.6GHz. The

base clock speed is a guarantee measure by which the manufacturer can ensure that the CPU runs with reasonable cooling. Increasing the clock speed refers to the choice between adding one or more cores as the CPU speed increases to improve performance under load (for example, when playing games).

If sufficient cooling is available, the CPU can run for a long time at its increased clock speed without negative effects.

This means that i5 can run faster than i7 normally, but when you increase power, i7 becomes more superior. The increased power of i5 is 4.6 GHz, but the increased power is

It will be faster because there are many central quantities that allow a faster processing speed.

The i5 processor is a good option for those who are trying to reduce the money in the processor, but also the appropriate performance capabilities.

is more than the performance perspective and price and more than you can run your favorite game. I7 provides the same overclocking capacity as competitors. It provides an impressive impression of CPU performance.

i7 is a powerful processor that attracts PC Gamer anywhere to provide excellent game performance at affordable prices.

Part 8 Thanks to the main chip, it can provide an excellent one-core performance that most games must be performed. It is more than a high rate of frames and a high-end game that can not be delayed.

There are several things you need to know before we enter the details of the overclock. Overclocking CPU disables the warranty. This is if something is not successful during the overclocking process, or if it goes somewhere in the line, the processor is not subject to the warranty.

You can benefit from a higher surveillance speed and other overclocks benefits, but you really should not do it unless you know what you are doing exactly.

Run without problems because it is worth making sure that you must exaggerate the CPU to provide enough energy to perform high-end games with both processors per second. If you have done so, you do not need to overclock the component.

These CPUs can be overcooked, but does not necessarily mean that you can play most games at the high frame rate. However, if you are sure to enhance the processor, it run faster than before. The overclock

is an Intel in this case if the speed of the CPU increases to work faster than the maximum speed established by the manufacturer. This will force the CPU to perform more operations per second.

Most CPUs are executed faster than the state of the company. That is why the overclock is a more common option. As the CPU is hot, you must ensure that enough cooling is enough to be sufficient.

You can see that the i5 processor is much cheaper than processor i7 when organizing two processors.

i7 has a faster processing function through the core, such as the speed of the pulse clock faster than I7, but it may not be enough to ensure that it almost does not spend $ 100 additional dollars.

A clear winner is i5 for those who are in the budget. This is much expensive, considering that you need what you need at lower prices.

But if you do not relax too much about your budget, the I7 processor should not be forgotten. This can be a wonderful option for you if it focuses on the i5 slightly and focusing on performance and speed.

You must consider costs to make the best decision. Performance and decide if the difference in the price is worth the processing speed and the performance level value. This is the decision you can only do it, but all you need to know is the design here for you.

From the point of view of availability, these processors leave at the end of 2018 and disappeared as popular demand when originally freed. While people are still buying these products, they are available in rich supply, so they have more than enough time to make decisions to make decisions without having to worry about worrying about the action I have.











Changes between the two processors that are mentioned here, there is A slight difference in the processor based on these technical characteristics. In the game, there must be too many differences, but it should be said that Intel Core I79700K is a bit better than its competitors.

Performance is appropriate, so both models are produced and are suitable for playing purposes. However, the power function is not the only one that should consider here.

Expenses will be an important factor to consider, while there is a difference of $ 100 between the two.

If you are concerned about the improvement of power and performance levels, the i59600 may be a better option for you if there is no budget. It is a well-groomed processor with the best performance that the best performance you can execute the game. The

6Core processor is worth money because it is ideal for playground assemblies compared to that rival. It is almost the same as I79700, and the difference may not change enough to guarantee a great price difference. However, if you are concerned about the difference in processing power, it can be worth investing in I79700. It is that you decide.

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