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5 best adventure games

Although many genres have evolved into adventures, the genres of adventure games themselves have undergone many changes in technology and graphics over the decades.

focuses on storytelling and good storytelling. They may not be the action-packed games you may be used to, but they are undoubtedly a fun way to kill a few hours. Adventure games stand out by providing a compelling narrative, in which there are many ethical choices and decisions that need to be resolved.

Although this is a difficult decision, we have listed the five most adventurous games worth playing in 2020.

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Release Date: April 24, 2012

Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games

The Walking Dead video game is an adventure game that takes you into the zombie-infested world popular with AMC television shows. Adapted from the original comic. Character

is the game's original character, including protagonist Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who is about to be sent to prison when the infection breaks out. He saved a young woman named Clementine, quickly made contact with her, and vowed to protect her in a dangerous world.

This title focuses on character development, selection, and general narratives that will be influenced by your actions in stressful situations. This means that some characters may die, or the characters may behave differently than Lee, depending on how they interacted before.

Release Date: Jan 30, 2015

Developer: Dontnod Entertainment

Publisher: Square Enix

Life is Strange is a graphical adventure game that focuses on the mechanism of turning back time, allowing players to redo any action they do. The

story takes the form of plots and revolves around photography student Max Caulfield, who discovers that he can reverse time at any moment. She foresaw a catastrophic storm approaching her city and tried to adjust the events around her to save everyone. The game includes the task of solving puzzles and obtaining the necessary elements to advance in the story.

game allows you to explore different places and communicate with different characters. The dialogue options lead to future branches, so the game can take you in a number of different ways.

Release Date: June 25, 1993

Developer: LucasArts

Publisher: LucasArts

is now the oldest game on this list. Even twenty years after its initial release, Tentacle Day has been regarded by fans as one of the most popular adventure games.

This is a 2D adventure game with point and click gameplay style. The game tells the adventure of Bernard Bernoulli and his friends to prevent the evil purple tentacles from occupying the world.

is a fun little game that allows you to command characters from all over the world through various interactions and actions. Time travel is a heavily used theme in this game, and a malfunctioning time machine appears as part of the opening set.

Release Date: February 21, 2017

Developer: Infinite Fall

Publisher: Finji

Night in the Woods is a crowdfunding film that first appeared on Kickstarter. Now, just a few years later, it is considered one of the most watched adventure games in recent years, and its writing and narrative has also won multiple awards.

is a narrative exploration game that tells the story of a woman named Mei who recently dropped out of college and returned home. After returning to his hometown, he realized that there were some unexpected changes that needed to be dealt with. The city is now inhabited by a mixture of animals and humans.

is praised for his imaginative way to explore real-life issues such as mental health and the feeling of being a student who is unsure of how to deal with life. This is of course a game that will accompany you for a while.

Release Date: October 30, 1998

Developer: LucasArts

Publisher: LucasArts

This is yet another product developed by the great thinkers at LucasArts. Grim Fandango offers another very imaginative and surreal adventure game. This is the first LucasArts game to use 3D computer graphics on a pre-rendered background.

In this story, you play Manny, a travel agency trying to save a kind soul named Meche during his journey through the underworld. The game includes solving puzzles, communicating with characters, collecting items, and exploring the world.

Unfortunately for LucasArts fans, this game did not perform well commercially, leading to the studio's decision to terminate development of the adventure game. However, it has been nominated for multiple awards and has long been considered one of the best adventure games. For an adventure game with an imaginative plot and design, try Grim Fandango.

This type of adventure game is certainly not for everyone. You won't find too many action-packed combat methods or a vast open world to explore, but you will find a unique environment and fascinating story for you to enjoy. The

adventure game is great, if you want to take a break from other more popular genres and want something slightly different from your usual game style. The

genre has been around for a while, and we can certainly list more games, but for those who want to start playing this genre in 2020, these are our top picks. If we missed your favorite game in the list, please feel free to let us know in the comments. We would love to know which adventure games you have played.

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