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495 series chipset

This week ago, the official data sheet of the 495 series chipset has been launched. This document is particularly interesting, since it clarifies the information about the specification when the new Intel CPU begins.

This 495Series chipset seems to be compatible with Intel Sku. This gives efficiency by low consumption drawing. 16 PCIE 3.0 rails are compatible with up to 10 USB 2.0 connections, 6 USB 3.2 ports, up to three SATA ports. Includes built-in Wifi Mac that require CNVI modules. Finally, this chipset has an OPI interface that requires 4 GT / S data transfer rates.

Despite the ability to access the data sheets, this does not answer all the questions we can have. Certain CPU names were not listed in the data sheet, but detailed support for the US series processors was detailed with the new Intel ice lakes and the Comet Lake processors, there are some discussions that is Data sheet may be linked to them.

The Future Ice Lake CPUs are expected to include a greater support of integrated graphics for Entalevel Games, and expand the market by promoting the efficiency of the laptop and the useful life of the battery that uses it.

As with other leaks, this is now known. Intel will launch some products at the end of the year, and this 495 will be interesting to verify if the Chipset data sheet is connected to it.

Currently, Autellized Intel Intel Intel Intel, when freeing the CPU of the next generation, those tasks are cut for them. Can you catch up with AMD? Are you pointing to your budget system? You can see the only time about this.

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