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3950x vs 5950x

AMD 3950X has long been the main product for many workstations around the world, but the new 5950X is leading something different. While

has all the qualities used on a workstation, it also has impressive gaming performance. Let's take a look at these two CPUs together and see which one is the best overall.


3.5 GHz / 4.7 GHz

Core (line)





105 W



PCIe version

PCIe 4.0 x16

L2 total cache


L3 total cache




Max Temps Excellent maximum temperature

444 cores potential

4 cores potential



3.4 GHz / 4.9 GHz

core (thread)





444 4 4 4 4 4 W


PCIe version

PCIe 4.0

L2 total cache

8 MB

L3 total cache

64 MB



Maximum temperature

44 90°C 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 Single-core 4 Excellent performance for 4 tasks Excellent overclocking potential

High price


CPU cooler Let us understand these specifications in depth and see how 3950X and 5950X stack up with each other.

Both AMD models are very popular in themselves, but are the newer the better? Let us find out.

AMD uses "Zen" instead of the usual "Gen", which stands for generation. 3950X uses the second-generation Zen, while 5950X is based on Zen 3. Both Zen architectures use 7nm technology; however, there are significant differences between the two CPUs. Compared to Zen 2,

AMD is more focused on improving technology in the Zen 3 architecture. The IPC and energy efficiency of the Zen 3 have vastly improved, which means that these are the two benefits of the 5950X. The

's improved architecture is often well received by enthusiasts, and the Zen 3 has also been well received by users. Although Zen 2 was impressive when it launched, why not go for a newer, more advanced architecture?

We have mentioned above that both the 3950X and 5950X have 16 cores, but we have not denied that they are made up of a cache part. The former has four 16MB cache sections, each with four cores, while the second has two 32MB cache slices, each with eight cores.

Therefore, although the number of cores and memory of the two CPUs is the same, the efficiency of the two models is quite different. The impact of the cache part is more than you initially thought.

5950X no longer has four cores that can access L3 memory, but now eight cores can access a large memory pool at the same time.

can access a large memory pool without jumping between different cache segments, saving time and trouble for gamers. This also reduces the delay of the game, so there is less delay after you give a command. The

5950X clearly has the upper hand in this regard, because it has the potential to run your games faster than the 3950X.

In the specifications, we have stated the basic frequency and turbo frequency of the CPU we are comparing today. The

base frequency is related to the normal operating point of the CPU, while the turbo frequency represents the maximum speed that the processor can achieve. The higher the basic frequency and turbo frequency of the

CPU, the faster the clock speed. Although faster clock speeds usually mean faster CPU operation, there are a number of factors that can affect this. The base frequency of the 3950X is 3.5GHz, which means that the CPU runs 3.5 billion cycles per second.

In contrast, the base frequency of 5950X is 3.4GHz. However, don't panic because of the slight drop in frequency. The more efficient core in this CPU will compensate for the slight drop in frequency.

More importantly, the turbo frequency of 5950X is more impressive than that of 3950X.

Although the turbo frequency of the newer model is 4.9 GHz, the turbo frequency of the 3950X is only 4.7 GHz. It is better to let your CPU run at a slower speed to avoid overheating, but a blanket of Turbo safety is beneficial.

games require your CPU to have a lot of impressive features to run as smoothly as possible, so frequency is no longer the only feature a gaming CPU should look for. However, the frequency must be high enough to work with the smart core and architecture. The

3950X and 5950X memory types are both DDR43200. The first part of this type means "double data rate", the higher the number, the faster the memory.

the bandwidth is also higher. Since the two CPUs we are comparing have types of DDR4 memory, the first generation is the fourth generation.

3200 refers to the CPU data transfer rate per second, in millions. This is impressive in itself, with a maximum transfer rate of 25,600 MB per second. DDR4 memory types are suitable for users who want to get the most benefit from the system because they provide faster speed and better responsiveness.

These are best suited for professional gamers and designers, so in terms of memory, both the 3950X and 5950X can be used for gaming. You won't wait for the game to load and lag will be kept to a minimum.

When we think of memory, we think of information stored in the CPU. However, there are also memory components that exceed this limit, encode and retrieve data

The memory of the 3950X and 5950X will surprise you, whether it's a game or any purpose you decide to use your computer for.

Since its launch in 2019, the 3950X has quickly become one of the most widely used CPUs for computer-based creative entrepreneurs. Twitch anchors, video editors, and Youtubers already use this CPU to improve their computer performance so that they can make the most of their time. The high number of

cores and impressive memory are additional advantages for 3950X users, not to mention the relatively low price of this caliber CPU. The newer 5950X has all of these same features, so it performs as well as the 3950X in workstation tasks. Both

3950X and 5950X are considered high-end CPUs with high ratings and customer satisfaction. If you are considering choosing one of these gaming CPUs; however, you may be less interested in workload performance. Instead, we sought benchmark software to help us understand the performance of these two CPUs in games.

Geekbench 4 is a platform for testing CPU in different ways such as image, data compression, 3D object simulation, photo editing, SQL encoding, PDF file rendering, fast Fourier transform and matrix calculation. The usage of 3950X and 5950X CPUs on

Windows computers shows that on a single core, the difference between the two is 23%. However, in multicore, there is only a 1% difference. Similarly, running them on macOS shows a 57% single-core difference and a 34% multi-core difference.

Although more and more games are starting to use multi-core processing power, most of them still use single-core processors. In terms of processing power, the 5950X has the best of both worlds, so you can use it for gaming and heavier tasks. An interesting difference between the

3950X and 5950X CPUs is that the latter is 20 times higher than the former. This difference will certainly please those players who are not looking for lagging CPUs in the market. If you are looking for a fast CPU to run various games, we think 5090X is a good choice. The same AMD

released game performance statistics between the 3950X and 5950X CPUs, showing that the latter is 14-29% higher than the former in terms of the performance of the four different games.

Although this is interesting and can give you an idea of which CPU may be more suitable for gaming, it may also be an upsell strategy for AMD to promote its new CPU.

Since the 5950X CPU is the newer model of the two, it is not surprising that its price is higher than that of the 3950X, which is about $70.

However, the price difference is not big, so when comparing price and performance, the two CPUs are equivalent.

Therefore, it is up to you whether you decide to adopt a newer model. It is worth noting that the cost per frame of the 3950X is US$0.079, while the cost of the 5950X is US$0.078. Although the difference of $0.0001 does not seem to be much, in the long run, it all adds up!

At the time of writing this article, the 3950X has a large inventory on Amazon, but the 5950X CPU is currently not available on the platform. Although you can buy it elsewhere on the Internet, this may prove how popular the newer CPU models are.

Although 5950X is currently not available on Amazon, we think it will be available again soon, so stay tuned.

We may suggest that you don't wait too long and wait for it to be restocked before buying, because it is currently out of stock. The 3950X is still in stock and in stock, but we don't know how long it will last.

With the release of the new CPU, we assume that the 5950X will be easier to obtain. However, with its recent release, many people are eager to get it.

speed 3.5GHz/4.7 GHz

core (line)





w speed

3.4 GHz/4.9 GHz

core (line)

33/32 Sixteen




105 W

In general, we believe that AMD has surpassed itself on 3950X and 5950X CPUs. Both are excellently constructed in their own way and are very attractively priced for most gamers.

Although the newer 5950X has some more advanced features, such as the cache section and Turbo frequency, the 3950X is still an excellent competitor. The

two CPUs have similar memory and slots, but the 3950X is usually used in workstations and gaming settings. The basic clock of this CPU is slightly faster than that of the 5950X, but the turbo clock of the 5950X is even more impressive. The unique memory settings in the

5950X can certainly make up for the slight drop in base frequency. All in all, we think all the signs indicate that the 5950X is the most suitable CPU for gamers.

With that said, if you buy a cheaper model on the market, the 3950X is still a respected model.

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