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3900x vs 5900x

Before we discuss the specifications and functions of the 3900X and 5900X in more detail, we have provided a brief classification of each of the following to let you understand how each works.

AMD 3900X is considered to be one of the best mainstream processors. Compared with previous models, it has a higher clock speed and better latency.

has excellent core performance and is an ideal choice for games.

AMD 5900X is praised for leading the competition in terms of efficiency and performance.

's excellent single-core performance is considered to be one of the most viable options for gaming processors.

At first glance, it is obvious that the two processors have very similar specifications.

Although there are identifiable differences between the two, in terms of the number of cores and threads, as well as the L2 and L3 caches, the specifications of the two are almost the same. The

cache is the memory that temporarily contains instructions and data. A larger cache is preferred because it means that the processor must wait less time to transfer data from main memory, and will therefore run faster and reach its full potential. The

cache is hierarchical, mainly concentrated on the first level cache, the second level cache and the dedicated cache, but when considering the speed of the computer, the second level cache and the third level cache are more important.

Although the cache does not affect the clock speed, it encourages the processor to reach its full potential. If the cache size is too small, it may cause problems for gamers regarding the loading time of games that already exist on the hard drive.

3900X and 5900X have the same L2 and L3 cache, the former is 6MB and the latter is 64MB. The larger the cache, the better the performance of the computer, because it has a greater ability to store and retain data, which also helps improve game performance.

Overall, with this L2 and L3 cache, your gaming experience may be slightly improved. The

CPU cooler prevents the system from overheating and is especially important for those who use the computer to play games, as it helps to extend the life of the processor.

By removing and dissipating heat from the processor, the cooler ensures that the components are kept within a safe operating temperature range. The

3900x processor is equipped with a cooling solution Wraith Prism cooler. Unlike the 5900x, the 5900x does not come with a cooler, so additional purchases are required. The

Wraith Prism CPU cooler used by AMD in the 3900x processor is considered one of the best coolers on the market. Despite complaints about noise output due to its sound characteristics and overclocking issues, it is generally considered a sufficient cooler to handle the heat output of the 3900x processor.

Although many other options are said to be better than this cooler, it does serve its purpose.

PCle is the interface responsible for connecting high-speed components. Both 3900X and 5900X use Express PCIe 4.0 version.

It is impressive that PCIe 4.0 runs at a speed of 16 GT per lane, so you will see increased data transfer due to double the bandwidth. Although this sounds exciting, for gamers, PCIe is not always worth upgrading.

However, because future developments are likely to see higher bandwidth games using PCIe 4.0, the above two processors ensure that they have the ability to handle high-speed applications.

Most processors now have basic speed and boost speed. The basic clock speed refers to the manufacturer's measurement of the processor's operating speed under reasonable cooling.

In terms of gaming, clock speeds in the range of 3.5 GHz to 4.5 GHz are considered the most effective. The basic clock speed of the 3900x is 3.8GHz, and the basic clock speed of the 5900x processor is 3.8GHz.

Although some people may think that a high base clock speed is only necessary for simple tasks, the base clock speed affects the overall performance quality.

If you are looking for a processor with higher stability and performance, it is recommended to choose a high base clock speed. Although you may notice that the base clock speed of the 5900X is lower than that of the 3900X, it has a stronger single-core performance, which is more important for games.

Boost Clock Speed refers to the maximum operating frequency of the graphics card when it is running at a suitable temperature. With higher speeds, you may see an increase in performance. Increasing the clock speed is essentially like a small overclocking, but the manufacturer chose the maximum speed.

Due to its heat, power, and frequency algorithms, the 3900x processor has an impressive 4.6GHz boost clock speed, while the 5900x processor has a higher 4.8GHz boost clock speed. Both

have a lot of room for overclocking and are equipped with a clock speed that allows them to execute system instructions faster.

A CPU with a lower base clock speed and a higher boost clock speed is believed to provide higher efficiency and high quality performance, which is what both processors provide.

Overclocking refers to the practice of increasing clock frequency and multiplication in exchange for a faster operating speed. Although it is considered a good way to get your system up and running quickly, it is not essential for gaming and some people will think that it is not worth it.

3900x and 5900x are both

Processors, both have earned the reputation of some of the best performing and most advantageous options on the market.

According to the existing data compiled by Cinebench and Geekbench, the single-core performance and multi-core performance of the 5900x are better than the 3900x in both capacities.

It is worth noting that in some cases, the gap between the two is very small, especially when focusing on multi-core performance.

Although the 3900x may be slower when playing games, it has earned the reputation of being one of the best mainstream processors on the market and still provides excellent multi-core gaming performance, which proved to be a breakthrough. AMD has been struggling before. teacher. The

has a faster base clock, and the 5900x processor is especially aimed at advanced gamers. Like its predecessor, 5900x has 12 cores and 24 threads, and has proven its excellence in handling multi-core workloads. The

speed improvement results in faster processor performance. Although the performance of the 5900x is excellent in many areas and games such as Tomb Raider, there are still some areas where the performance can be improved.

multi-core processors need to perform more efficiently than single-core processors. This is because they have more functions, which increases their capacity when processing multiple programs at the same time. The

can easily run multiple cores to achieve better multitasking and higher performance. Therefore, the 12 cores in the 3900x and 5900x are in an excellent position for processing high-end games.

As we mentioned above, you will notice that the base clock of 3900x is actually higher than the newly released base clock of 5900x. However, this will not have much impact on the overall performance of the processor, because in most cases, the 5900x performs better in gaming due to its IPC rating. The

5900x continues to be able to run with single-core and multi-core capabilities, and has proven to be very important for improving game efficiency. In fact, it is billed as "the best gaming processor in the world." Both

, 3900x and 5900x are available for purchase on Amazon and the manufacturer's website. The 5900X is a product recently released by the manufacturer, so this is reflected in the retail price. The

retail price is more than $100, and the 3900x and 5900x are still very good value. Especially when considering the 3900x, it is clearly more affordable than many competing products, but still provides you with excellent performance.

Due to its single-core performance, the 5900x is considered worthy of an upgrade over its predecessor, the 3900x.

Although price is the starting point for many people, it must also consider several other factors that contribute to processor performance and help establish the profitability associated with the two processors. This includes the number of cores, speed, intended use, and processor support.

When determining the improved performance you will see and the slightly different specifications of the 3900x and 5900x, many people may think that the increased cost is a reasonable expense. A special selling point of the

AMD processor is that when you compare the cost of the two processors with the retail prices and performance of competitors' brands, you will be considered value for money.

speed 3.8GHz/4.6 GHz

core (line)





w speed

3.7 GHz/4.8 GHz

core (line)


plug-in AM4


105 W

Despite the introduction of 5900x in recent months, 3900x is still an excellent processor and is still praised for its efficiency in terms of gaming performance. When comparing the specifications of the two CPUs, it may be based on many similarities, and the 5900x is different in some respects.

Although 5900x has improved in performance, 3900x is still a very powerful processor that can meet the needs of games. If you want to upgrade, the cost will increase slightly, but as the latest version of AMD, this may be expected.

Obviously, 5900x is better than 3900x in most aspects. The former is actually considered the best option for gaming, and the processor it provides is superior to the competition in many respects.

For many people, cost plays a key role in the decision-making process and often affects the final purchase. Although a slight increase can be noticed between the two models, you need to assess whether you are willing to go for an upgrade to increase single-core performance.

Overall, it is undeniable that these two processors are excellent competitors and in many ways superior to competing processors. For those who are willing to maintain sufficient performance from the 3900x, the upgrade seems unappealing, but for those who want to experience higher gaming performance with a small increase in price, it is worth considering upgrading to the 5900X.

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