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3700x vs 5800x

We hope how the latency and the clock speed and the speed of the clock and how it is translated into the performance of real life. Since it is the confrontation of Zen 2 vs Zen 3, discuss the difference in the nucleus between generations, and explains if it is worth coinciding if it is valuable for the performance jump.

Before the conclusion, we are currently running a place where you can expect these CPUs within the future, and will give you the best opportunity to see what you want.

There is no doubt about that. AMD can acquire most of the majority of the PC players and won the wallet, and communicate with slit to customers' clients under the Nose of Intel. However, how new transformations are new new transformations of AMD to Intel's argument?

is hard. As we all know, the old technology still gives a new model, since it still knows the new model for money (its) money. Well, in this article, we intend to compare one of the most popular Ryzen 7 CPU, 3700X, the most popular Ryzen 7 CPU, 3700x to help you make your decision.

We are running through raw cures, some features and components, and then we jump to performance and see how those specifications translate to the RealLife application. When everything is considered, we will discuss the overall value for money and availability.

We quickly see these functions of two CPU technical definitions. Sometimes, it demonstrates a bit of performance, but it is a great place to start when similar CPUs are compared.

The more CPU, better tends to be a better workflow, better tend. While the most cores are generally higher, some of them are already appointed for their mutual communication, so it may not really be the fastest option for the HMM game. There are 8 cores at

3700X and 5800x, so it must also match in terms of general processing power. There is certainty in the future, but there were no games that need to run more than more centers. There are probably some of the route commands to many cores available to maximize performance, but there is no need to do so.

It can cause some problems, play music, play music, music download or at the same time, has been running a strict game. If you make a great multitasking, the additional core really will help you here.

Multithreadcore is essential for the requirements of modern computer players. They make it possible to handle more commands simultaneously. Fortunately, 3700X and 5800X have multithreaded basic designs. There are a total of 16 threads.

Other threads are intended to be processed at the same time, but it can delay the core. The thread cores are much better than the core of a single core of complete threaded applications, such as video editing, but the games differ from the game to the game.

Define how fast the CPU can run side by side with the speed of the clock, the core and the memory. Here, we will see several divergences between Lyzen 7 CPU.

3700X has a maximum pulse frequency of 3.6 GHz and up to 4.4 GHz. Certainly, it is quick to provide a divert managfree game experience (Internet permission). A

5800 x, a maximum frequency of 3.8 GHz is obtained and a maximum frequency of up to 4.7 GHz. Clearly, it is impressive that 3700 x, but what does it mean for your game?

Depending on the game you are playing, approximately 30 FPS for 1 GHz of clock speed have been added. Acts as about 3 fps by 0.1 GHz.

If you are in overclocking, both rays 7 are unlocked, but the AMD CPU is precisely famous for its head space. 3700X reaches a rather stable 4.3 GHz overclock. You can wait 4.7 GHz when overclocking 5800x, but this is not really strengthening the game. Note that 5800 x is a thermal bearing capacity of 90 ° 90 ° and more secure than 3700 times.

AMD was not hidden behind the excuse when it became a shallow head space in the CPU. They recognize it openly, thanks to their own patented promoting processes, but the rules that have already reached their peaks work, but they are more than one more thing.

The cache memory is generally divided into three zones. L1, the minimums are the minimum access area. L2, size and speed L3 is the largest and lowest area for information. Image in profession. Your hand is like memory L1. Your tool belt is like memory L2. The truck of it is like L3. Here, both the L1 cache are 512 KB and L2 L2, 5 MB, L3 are features, and both L2, L2, 32 MB of L2 are adopted. Both systems are compatible with the same type of memory DDR4 3200.

What does the term of the game mean? Well, basically, it means that it is completely established for the valuable games that you have selected these CPUs. The game really requires only about 16 MB of total cache for substantial performance. If you exceed 37 MB for a total of 37 MB, there is room for both CPU to get enough. AMD is amazing to avoid the future of your CPU. It still compares its new products to Zen 2.

The most important difference between these two CPUs is those microarquitectures. 3700 x

Cache hierarchy, unlimited weaving and clock grid. If you are not a computer scientist, please don't rush to figure out what these things are, just know that this means at least an 8% increase in IPC or inter-process communication, reduced cache latency, and faster clocks. .

So now it looks like Ryzen 7 5800X will provide more impressive performance, but is it eye-catching enough? Both

Ryzen CPUs have these functions. Precision Boost 2 is a very smart scaler-style process that can effectively reallocate the clock speed to the threads that need it most.

Precision Boost Overdrive has an incredible ability to increase your clock speed by 100-200MHz, beyond the official rating of the chip. We know this sounds a bit dangerous. No one likes the smell of frying CPU in the morning, but PBD doesn't really overload the source, or something like that. Its role is to remove existing obstacles that limit the normal power of CPU, TDC, EDC and PPT. Then PBO replaces them with the full-speed function of the motherboard. My mind is blank.

If you currently do not have a cooling system, or your system is not efficient, this can make up your mind. Ryzen 7 3700X is equipped with a very smooth Wraith Prism fan cooling system. This is pretty good gear, the LED lighting makes it look super cool, and the Ryzen 7 5800X doesn't include any kind of heat dissipation solution.

Although this seems like the upper limit of the 3700X, it is possible that most gamers already have the same or better things than Wraith Prism to satisfy their cooling needs.

If you intend to push the 3700X to the limits of challenging applications and overclocking, you still need something more efficient from the fan department, or better yet, liquid.

DDR4 3200 is a truly advanced type of memory, running at speeds up to 3200MHz. This will slightly increase the number of frames per second, and has a higher bandwidth transfer rate and cycle clock speed than other DDR4 drives, which allows your computer to run super fast. It is one of the best types of memory available, so you once again see evidence that AMD is concerned about protecting the future development of its CPUs.

PCIe 4 is a cutting-edge technology, although it has been around since Zen 2, partly because it is AMD’s proprietary technology. You will not find PCIe 4 on Intel CPUs for now. In short, it can achieve unparalleled communication speed between peripheral hardware (such as a video card) and the rest of the computer. The two Ryzen 7s in question are equipped with PCIe 4.

We can discuss the cold and hard specs and components until the cows go home, but how they work together in real time on these Ryzen drives in real life is best for Important real games between them. Let's start by looking at the results of some real-world speed benchmarks.

raced these two Ryzen 7 beasts against each other in the latency test and saw the older 3700X score a total of 79.1 points and an overclocking score of 88.2 points. It's pretty impressive if you ask us, but the 5800 wasn't beat, scoring 88.2 stock points and 95.4 overclocking. In total, we have 12% stock gains and 8% 5800X overclocking gains. Starting from the single-core performance of the

, the 3700X comes standard with 135 points and overclocked by 142 points, but it still can't keep up with the 5800X. The new Assassins in town scored 161 and 167 respectively. That is 19% and 18% profit. The

shifts to dual-core performance. The 3700X has a stock score of 266 points and an overclocking score of 282. The 5800X is not far behind, with 318 shares, 332 overclocks, 19% and 18% wins, the same as the single-core results. The

Quadcore hybrid speed follows closely, and the 5800X's performance is 17% higher than that of the 3500X, whether from stock or overclocking. The

5800X was cleaned with an eight-core hybrid speed, winning with overclocking advantages of 17% and 14%.

Let's translate these results into effective speed ratings for the real world in general. The Ryzen 3700X's performance achieved a speed score of 87.1%, but the obvious winner was the 5800X, which had a 99.7% speed rating, which was 15% faster than the 3700X.

Let us learn about the bronze tax through a side-by-side game comparison. These comparisons were made at 1080p using an RTX 3080 graphics card.

During modern COD warfare, 5800X topped the list with an average of 287 fps over 3700X at 274 fps. The 3700X narrowed the gap with the non-obvious difference of 7 fps during Battlefield V. The

5800X achieved a 10 fps victory at Metro Exodus, an average of 134 fps, and a Fortnite victory at 11 fps.

Red Dead 2 was an incredible shootout, but the 5800X once again won by 5fps. In keeping with Rockstar, GTA V does boost these CPUs, both have an average speed of over 200 fps, but 5800X is 12 fps faster than 3700X

. The 5800X also adopted Assassin’s Creed Odyssey relatively easily, averaging 137 fps instead of 24 fps. Fps from 3700X.

So is there a difference in real-world gameplay between these two CPUs? really. Is it really that amazing? Look, it's not true, but the enhancement may bring another feeling when you play the game. Although

is a relatively old CPU by technical standards, the Ryzen 7 3700X is still a very popular system. We think this is because it really provides most gamers with everything they need to fully immerse them in the game, and thanks to AMD's forward thinking, there is more.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand why the price of the 3700X is still relatively high.

The price of replacing its high-end Zen 2 CPU, but this enthusiasm for following the 3700X has developed, keeping the cost high and unknowingly improving the price/performance ratio of the 5800X to new buyers. Their price ranges are so similar that it seems foolish to buy older CPUs.

In terms of availability, all major technology retailers should have 5800X in the next few months. They will also enter larger online markets such as Amazon at any time, so please keep your eyes open. Why not check now?

We have read some reports that some of the larger retailers may cut costs slightly to take advantage of the hype and increase sales, so you need to shop around and see which is the best deal.

3700X can still be widely used from small and large technology outlets and large corporate groups like Amazon. At present, the second-hand market for 3700X is also quite broad.


3.6 GHz / 4.4 GHz

Core (line)








PCIe version

PCIe 4.0 x16

Total L2 cache


Total L3 cache




Max Temps

radiator is slightly better


3.8GHz / 4.7GHz

Core (threads)







is the PCIe version of

PCIe 4.0

total L2 cache

4 MB

L3 cache total

32 MB



maximum temperature


Very good gaming performance

AM4 Compatible with

and value for money

Unlocking overclocking

is more expensive than the alternative Intel


CPU cooler 5800X is needed. It is much better, and it seems to be very few. This sounds ridiculous, but it is true. Yes, objectively better. Do you have to absolutely have it to keep up with others? No, not necessarily.

If you already own the 3700X and are satisfied with it, the jump may not be worth it, even if it is worth the money, but if you are a person who likes to keep up with game time, why not? Sell your 3K CPU and pay the extra cost of 5800X?

Either way, just like the gaming environment, these two CPUs are great, and due to some future-oriented recommendations, they are likely to remain in this state for a long time.

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