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3090 gpu design first look

A Vietnamese computer retailer uploaded a video to YouTube showing that they shot down a customized RTX 3090, which is a variant of the "Eagle OC" produced by Gigabyte. This shows us how to organize memory modules in a 3090 card for the first time.

Employees at Hanoicomputer, a retailer of computer hardware in Vietnam, started using RTX 3090. When you get Early Access, what will you do with new high-end graphics cards? Of course, why take it apart and look inside.

In this teardown video, they showed the internal memory configuration of this GPU, showing a total of 12 1GB memory modules on each side of the PCB, for a total of 24GB.

As we expected, the RTX 3090 is another chunky guy with a chunky shape. There is a three-fan cooling system, in our opinion this is at least one dual-slot card, maybe even three.

We are not entirely sure how this will represent other models of the RTX 3090 GPU, this is a custom design from the manufacturer Gigabyte, released under their "Eagle OC" banner. This is not a reference design, so the exact design of other cards in the RTX 3090 series may not be exactly the same.

Unless you can speak Vietnamese, it may be a bit tricky to accurately understand the content in this teardown video, but if you just want to see the innards of this GPU beast, you can check the teardown below:

This may destroy something Kind of confidentiality agreement. I can’t imagine that Nvidia would be so happy that this ended on YouTube!

expects Nvidia's new high-end consumer GPU to be launched on September 24th. You can view all the information about the reservation here. It is hoped that Nvidia can prevent all difficulties related to unstable inventory and website stability issues from recurring in the 3080 version.

Attempt to order RTX 3080 and failed? On the contrary, would you increase your budget to choose RTX 3090? If you plan to pick one of these bad boys, please let us know.

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