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300 off samsungs odyssey g9 49 inch gaming monitor

The absolute vertex of the upper game monitor available today is the Samsung Odyssey G9 Game Monitor, and provides one of the best quality screens for games that can buy money. As with extremely high-end technologies, they begin to obtain the highest income that can lead to the above, and then gradually reduces the price to find the general audience. Even $ 1,349.99, this is almost the exhibition of the Massa market, but it is less than $ 350 than when it returned in June of this year. Even at lunch price of $ 1,699.99, this was a very impressive exhibition, but this discount is particularly attractive.

Important specifications for this incredible monitor:


Raw performance, Samsung pays close attention to aesthetic design. On the back of the screen, there is a very attractive configuration of "infinite core lighting" with the RGB light ring that is connected to the support up to the support.

If you are thinking of collecting a high resolution monitor, you must ensure that there is a powerful GPU to drive it. This type of monitor can be a particularly trained monitor for this type of monitor, so this type of monitor can build a very capable game system for this price.

You are looking for screens for competitive-level games, movies, immersive games, high-level productivity, or just opening multiple web browser windows at a time, this is 2020, it is the final monitor, and will form an incredible thing. Your central central game game.

If you are interested in new game monitors, see our guide for 2020 instead of this end.

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