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2k games announce wwe 2k battlegrounds

After rumors that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled, the publisher 2K Games confirmed this, but this did not leave fans empty-handed. This year, 2K Games will release a new wrestling game called WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The

new game is based on the rich tradition of arcade games, with oversized characters, eye-catching slow-motion actions, and the performance skills we would expect from games bearing the WWE name.

developer Sabre Interactive is at the helm of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and we can expect to see familiar faces from the WWE world, such as The Rock.

As for the WWE 2K franchise itself, 2K Games is taking a break to apply what they learned from last year's disastrous WWE 2K20, "refocusing on quality and fun."

2K Games stated that it is extending the production schedule to ensure that this happens, which means that WWE will abandon the usual annual release cycle and WWE 2K21 will not happen, confirming the cancellation rumors.

2K Games also announced that it is recruiting the expertise of Patrick Gillmore to take on the role of producer. Gillmore’s 25 years in the industry and his work on Sega Genesis’s classic Aladdin, Medal of Honor and most recently Amazon’s New World MMORPG will be used to create a game that pleases veterans and newcomers. From WWE 2K. Similar.

All this shows that 2K Games is taking stock and has heard widespread complaints from fans of the series. There is nothing like WWE 2K20 that a loser can ignite firepower under the editor. According to anyone's standards, it is a thin and light WWE 2K19 with re-skinned and buggy, and it hardly provides players with new things.

2K Games said that WWE 2K Battlegrounds is currently scheduled to be released this fall, but it did not disclose the platforms on which we can expect to see the game landing. We assume there are at least PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, although we can't rule out next-gen consoles that will be released in late 2020.

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