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2080 super vs 1080 ti

If you are looking for a new graphics card, then you made a good decision while researching Nvidia products. They provide outstanding performance GPUs for all different budgets.

In this article, we will focus on two high-end graphics cards from Nvidia, namely 2080 Super and 1080 Ti. We will take a closer look at its specifications to find out which card performs best in terms of architecture, VRAM, FPS, and resolution.

clock speed

1860 MHz




10.5 inches

clock speed

1632 MHz




inch graphics card has become in recent years.

Although Nvidia is a fairly new company, its time is only about half of AMD's, but the creation of its GPU has consolidated its position in the component market.

Nvidia is known for producing some of the best graphics cards currently available. Although they have competitors, their models are hard to beat.

Nvidia's high-end graphics cards have the highest specifications created today. They are a pioneer company, constantly creating new and improved graphics cards.

Although Nvidia's high-end graphics cards are a popular choice for experienced and competitive gamers, they will also produce a large number of mid-range graphics cards if you are just starting out.

First, let's take a look at the clock speeds of the two GPUs:

1080 Ti The architecture of the

GPU is important because it controls the speed and overall performance. The architecture used by these graphics cards is the main difference.

2080 Super uses NVIDIA Turing architecture. This is one of the best on the market today, and its performance can be increased by up to 6 times compared with previous generations of GPUs. The powerful DLSS 2.0 graphics are enhanced by AI and significantly improve game performance.

nextgen variable speed coloring can create stunning graphics. NVIDIA Turing uses simultaneous processing, which is hard to beat.

1080 ti adopts the Nvidia Pascal architecture. Although this is great, it is not as advanced as Nvidia Turing. However, it still offers up to 3 times the performance compared to the previous generation. It is compatible with the next generation of virtual reality and uses DirectX 12 and ultra-fast FinFET.

Although the 1080 Ti has a good architecture and clock speed, there is still a gap compared with the 2080 Super. If you want your building to face the future, 2080 is the best choice. Compared with previous models, both are more energy efficient.

If you want to overclock, you should consider the GPU cooling system. Although these GPUs have dual fans to dissipate heat and provide air circulation, they are unlikely to take away all the heat generated during overclocking.

You must provide adequate cooling to ensure your GPU does not overheat. The Super GPU

2080 has a maximum temperature of 89 ° C and 1080 ti is 91 ° C. Although there are only subtle differences, they are worth keeping in mind.

The recommended power supply required for each graphics card is also important. For 2080 Super, it is 650W and for 1080 Ti, it is 600W.

When looking at the overall power consumption, they all use 250W and consume the same power. In terms of heat dissipation and overclocking, there is almost no difference between the two.

When deciding between GPUs, you must consider size. You will need to purchase a suitable graphics card for your build. Although most graphics cards are similar in size, there can be subtle differences. The following is the reference size of the card, but please check carefully, because different manufacturers have different card sizes. The product we recommend on this page is a good example.

The sizes of the two GPUs are very similar. However, if your build space is insufficient, 1080ti is the best choice. The difference is very small, and unless the two GPUs are placed side by side, you are unlikely to notice them. When comparing the

interface, both GPUs support PCIe 3.0 x 16. Although this is great, the PCIe 4.0 x 16 interface can now be used. Looking at the longevity of your build, if you wish to improve your PCIe in the future, these GPUs may become obsolete.

It is important to consider the resolution and fps of the graphics card. Although the resolution of the monitor will limit graphics capabilities to a certain extent, ideally, your graphics card should match the resolution of the monitor.

resolution is another aspect of 2080 Super surpassing 1080 ti. The maximum resolution of 1080 Ti is 7680 × 4320, while 2080 Super is capable of 1440p. This will allow you to play games at 4K resolution.

Although 1440p is better, especially when it comes to ensuring the build is future proof, most gamers use 1080p.

Let's take a look at the benchmark test results. Looking at the overall effective speed, you might be surprised to find that 2080 Super is only 1 times greater than 1080 ti.

In the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game, compared with Max 1080p, 2080 Super is 39 stars. Compared to 1080 Ti’s 102 fps, its average frame rate is 142 fps.

analyzes MRendering, and when overclocking, the performance of 2080 Super is significantly better than that of 1080 Ti. It runs at 215 fps and 144 fps at 1080 ti. However, when looking at the reflection processing during overclocking, the 1080 Ti is 11 mm.

Overall, the 2080 Super performed best in the benchmark test. However, there is not much significant difference.

If you want to improve lighting and shadows in games, ray tracing is a great feature.

There is no problem running at 1080p. Both

graphics cards can play games at 1080p resolution. However, only 2080 Super is playable at 1440p. The

2080 Super memory speed is significantly faster than the 1080 Ti at 15.5 Gbps. The 1080 ti memory speed is 11 Gbps, which is significantly lower. The standard memory configuration of

2080 Super is 8GB GDDR6. This is the best specification currently on the market. Although there is a discussion about GDDR7, it has not yet been officially announced. The standard memory configuration of the

1080 Ti is 11GB GDDR5X. Although it has higher memory, it uses more outdated software, which may not be outdated compared to 2080 Super.

clock speed

1860 MHz




10.5 inches

clock speed

1632 MHz



0 and

40 inches are better than the other

0 inches and

0 inches respectively. It uses the latest memory architecture and configuration, which is well suited for the future. However, this increases costs.

Although the overall performance of the 2080 Super in the benchmark is better, there is not a significant difference in the fps of each GPU. If you already own a 1080 ti and are considering upgrading to 2080 Super, the additional cost may not be worth it.

If your budget is limited, 1080 Ti is a good starting point. However, 2080 Super is a better GPU overall.

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