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2070 super vs 2080

In this article, we will compare the performance of the two Nvidia GPUs, 2070 Super and 2080.

. We'll compare their specs and performance indicators to give you a clear idea of which ones provide the best performance in terms of fps and resolution. Other specs, including their size, cooling capacity, VRAM in each, and the entire architecture behind them, will play a role as well.

clock speed

1815 MHz




10.5 inches

clock speed

1515Mhz - 1890 MHz (OC mode)

VRAM 44204

4204 DDR

4204 4204 4204 DDR

4204 4404 DDR

4404 4204 DDR

4204 4204 DDR

4204 DDR

4204 DDR bus, its key differences will soon become one of the GPUs that you can comfortably reuse again and again.

2070 Super is in the middle of the price range and 2080 in the high end. But which of the two provides the highest graphics performance for its components? Is it worth upgrading from a low-end GPU to a mid-range package with 2070 Super? Have you made a significant improvement from this jump to justify the cash expenses?

Considering that 2080 will be more expensive, what is the difference in performance and graphics quality between the two? It's worth your money, isn't it? Does 2080 give you more room for the game to cope with the big changes that set you back? Or suggest you go to 2070 Super now and start saving money for the next big game changer?

We will compare these two GPUs, find the answers to these questions, and guide you in choosing which one is better in a specific situation.

Comparing basic architectures may not help us define the differences that make GPUs a better choice. Both cards are based on Nvidia's new Turing architecture, which means they share basic ideas and design processes.

Title clock speed? No problem:


Strangely, the cheaper of the two options starts faster and maintains this advantage as the number increases. Stop bleeding? It is worth remembering that 2070 Super is the last of these two cards released, so you can get up to one year of development speed rewards. Nevertheless, for those who now prefer to stay in the mid-range, this sounds like good news.

The decisive point about the Turing architecture is to split its performance into different cores for different tasks.

By decomposing AI functions into Tensor cores and using dedicated RT cores to provide smooth ray tracing, did we mention it? The gorgeous Turing architecture is an intelligent internal time-saving, which can provide you with smoother and more credible rendering graphics.

At least, if the entire game design market embraces this technology and builds games that can take full advantage of the possibilities, then it will and will happen. This has already begun, although at the time of release, both Nvidia cards filled their buyers with future potential and made them pay for it.

If it is a core measurement contest, it is not surprising that the top-ranked cards have a lot of bonus points. What is surprising about the

architecture from the beginning is the use of Turing NVENC.

It is an efficient form of encoding, which allows temporary transmitters to transmit without using a dedicated PC.

The two cards we compared brought the innovation of NVENC to their games, so 2070 Super won the gold medal in clock speed, and 2080 waved its core number in front of us. If we judge purely from the architecture, This will be less Dawn, and more of the dance from the youth musical.

This is an idea. Let us not judge it by architecture alone. If you plan to overclock the GPU, the

cooling is an important part of the equation. At the time of the sale of the

, it is interesting that the maximum temperature between 2070 Super and 2080 is only 4 degrees. The

2070 Super has reached the maximum thermal limit of 74 degrees. 2080-78. The TDP of both is 215W. In terms of fan noise, the 2070 Super hits 45.6dB, while the 2080 is almost 3dB louder, hitting 48.5dB. Although

was sold, these numbers are good for standard games, but the number 2080 has little room for high processor load and chassis airflow before some users report slowdown effects near the 80-degree mark. However, you can add additional coolant coefficients to the two GPUs, either in the form of an additional fan that can be doubled to provide maximum cooling or through a water-cooling system. The

curved fan system can reduce the maximum temperature by 510 degrees, and it is well known that the water cooling system can reduce it by 20 degrees or more.

No matter which way you go, the additional cooling system should give you more room to overclock your GPU and better overall results without compromising the card or motherboard.

Before buying any GPU, be sure to check its size. No fool in this world is sadder than a fool whose GPU is not adequate.

Need a practical guide?

Most modern systems can use 10.5-inch cards, so unless you are building a microsystem, you should be able to use any card. In this case, use 2070 Super, which is more likely to be installed. Dual plugs are now an industry standard too, so unless your build is clearly custom you shouldn't have a problem.

In terms of power interface, these two cards have nothing to choose from. Each has a six-pin and an eight-pin connector. The

resolution and FPS are the advantages of the graphics card. #

Looking at the price difference, it is not surprising that 2080 wins gold here. The overall effective 3D speed is 129%, while the 2070 Super is a significant 11%.

I have a standard RTX 2070, and then upgrading to 2070 Super will give you about 10% improvement in ray tracing without any relative increase in the cost of your card. The question is whether you want to pay roughly the same amount again for that 10% increase.

is similar to 2080, if you used 1080 before, you will get a 20% increase in ray tracing FPS, but the price increase is relatively large. Again, the question is whether it is enough to let one person jump from one to the other. Either way, if you upgrade from something older, the Turing architecture and the way it handles ray tracing should be worth it, but how to jump is up to you.

To play games at 1080p resolution without freezing, you need a GPU with at least 8GB to use the latest version. The

2070 Super and 2080 electronic tooth skins both exceed this level. This means that although they can now provide 1080p games and 4K games, there is hardly anything that can satisfy the next leap in game development. When the Turing architecture waits for the next leap in game development, this understanding is a bit strange.

clock speed

1815 MHz




10.5 inches

clock speed

1515Mhz-1890 MHz (OC mode)

VRAM 44520 4404 4404 44040 4400 4400 4400 4400 4400 4440 4464 4464 DDR 4464

0 4440

0 4464 DDR 4404 Bus an epic battle between a powerless underdog and a visionary giant ready to break all records. Chapter

According to the most useful indicators, 2080 should be respected. And through many of these indicators, it does, but it is nothing more.

So the question is to test if the price difference between 2070 Super and 2080 is good enough.

The answer does not depend on any details of the two letters, but on your own psychology. If you are a shopper who needs to take advantage of every inch of your card's advantage, and due to your own reasons, you have narrowed the scope down to one of the two, be sure to say goodbye to your cash, get it, and it's right Your brilliant 2080, enjoy it .

will give you a better experience? Technically speaking, yes, it will be in some key indicators. If you feel the satisfaction of the game that the muscle car option gives you, you will gain more motivation and continue the carnival.

However, if you are the type of gamer who likes to look at the comparison chart, you may think that the 2080 doesn't give you enough 2700 Super turbocharged power to warrant the mid-to-high-end price.

In this case, save yourself some cash, get ready to play with 2700 Super for a weekend, and get ready to feel the happiness of cash in your pocket. Chances are, you won’t notice the difference in the game, or at least it’s not enough for you to pay your remaining cash for an improvement of about 30%.

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