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2070 super vs 1080 ti

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2070 Super memory speed is 14 Gbps and the 1080 Ti is 11 Gbps. Although both speeds are sufficient to run the game in question, the 2070 Super has higher specs.

The standard memory configuration of these GPUs can be surprising. The 2070 Super runs on 8GB GDDR6, which is currently the best buffer. The 1080 ti runs on 11GB GDDR5. Although GDDR5 is obsolete, it is still applicable because GDDR7 has not been released yet. The 1080 Ti also has better frame buffer memory.

1815 clocked MHz VRAM

GDDR6 8GB 10.5 inches length

1632 clock speed




However, Super 2070 is generally better GPU. When you look at the architecture and buffer zone, you will be better prepared for the future. It also has a higher gaming performance benchmark than the 1080 Ti and is more suitable for multitasking.

For older GPU models, 1080 Ti is still impressive. Its architecture is very good, and its overall performance is better than 2070 Super compared to normal and overclocking speeds. However, its buffer memory is a bit outdated, and it is not as forward-looking as the 2070 Super.

In general, if you are looking for future-oriented games and better playability, 2070 Super is the best choice. However, it is the most expensive GPU. If your shopping budget is limited, 1080 Ti is the best choice.

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