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2060 vs 2060 super

It will make your PC work fine at 1080p resolution.

If you want to always play at 1440p, or you want your build to be future proof, you should look for a higher GB.

Look at these two memory speeds, they are both 14 Gbps, which is good. They all have the standard GDDR6 memory configuration. However, 2060 has 6GB and 2060 Super has 8GB.

GDDR6 is the best memory configuration currently available. This is great because both GPUs will prepare you for future builds. However, if you want the highest GB, 2060 Super is the best choice.

Clock speed

1860 MHz (OC mode) 1365 MHz (Game mode)



Memory bus width

192 Bit

Clock speed

1710 MHz

1710 MHz Mode 70 RAM 4 4 MHz (OC mode) 4 Ga1 4 MHz (OC mode)


Memory bus width

192 bits

When looking for high-end graphics cards, 2060 and 2060 Super are both excellent choices. Both use the latest architecture and memory configuration.

Resolution wise, they all perform well at 1080p and can support 4K gaming. When looking to the future to demonstrate your construction, any card is suitable. However, the 2060 Super is a slightly better card, especially in the case of fps. If you want to upgrade to an older GPU, this is a better option for you, although it is more expensive.

If you already own 2060, you don't need to upgrade to 2060 Super. Also, if you are looking for the cheaper option of the two, 2060 is a good option.

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