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2020 was the first year since 1995 without an e3 did we miss it

Since it usually ends during E3, and most game announcements and exhibitions are usually completed as part of E3, now is a good time to look back and consider how things are going and which one to consider. Influence. This may be because there was no E3 for a year.

Of all the different ways in which events in 2020 change things around the world, as the COVID19 pandemic spreads, one of the most frivolous and trivial is the reorganization of the game tournament world, and this year is the first. Since 1995 Without E3 looking forward to the future, it is even difficult to assess what will happen in the future. Can the 2021 regular game event schedule return to normal, or will the situation no longer be the same? Join us and review the year without E3 and the future development. Some signs of trouble at

E3 date back to before the pandemic, which eventually led to the suspension of E3 2020. In February, we heard that the longtime host and many people, the face of E3, Geoff Keighley, did not they will participate in the program this year. He said that for the first time in 25 years, he would not participate in the show in any way because he was "uncomfortable" with the plan he saw.

We may never find out what makes you so uncomfortable, because the show has never been done. There are some leaked plans, we heard some details, intended to change the format of the show, paying more attention to the "influencers" and "celebrities". Maybe it's this direction that Keighley is uncomfortable with.

This happened when major players such as Sony completely withdrew from E3 in 2019 and 2020, Nintendo reduced their participation, and many other publishers turned their attention to communicating directly with players without any middleman or a broader context. Organize and coordinate work.

Considering all the unpredictability and last-minute changes required for events beyond their control, most major game companies handle it quite well. Sony and Microsoft seem to have stopped their plans to improve precise methods for the release of next-generation game consoles, but in most cases, they seem to have handled it smoothly. EA’s EA Play Live is a widely acclaimed event with some exciting announcements, and a more compact format is preferable to the embarrassing clips extended at the end of the regular EA event.

A series of rather impromptu events took over small games that wanted to use E3 as a springboard to generate some public awareness. Events like IGN’s summer games, guerrilla collectives, future game exhibitions, PC game exhibitions, independent escapism displays, new games plus expo and BitSummit Gaiden allow people to get in touch with some exciting upcoming games, otherwise these games may Will be ignored. Some of these activities were originally planned as a supplement to E3, but with the cancellation of E3, their importance has increased.

Ubisoft will still hold the Ubisoft Forward event this weekend. I believe they will show some interesting games, although the ongoing scandals surrounding their abuse, harassment, and cover-up culture may be overshadowed by the incident recently. When considering playing their games, we need to see some changes within Ubisoft before these types of working conditions completely disappear, although we will have to wait to see if this topic is what they decided to discuss. In your video game marketing campaign.

The nagging question that emphasizes all this is what will next year bring? ESA, the organizer of E3, has set June 15, 2021 as the date for next year's event, but also said that it will be "remodeled." It is unclear what this means, but they have enough time to prepare. Will the gaming industry fully support the future E3, when they show that they can at least survive without being bound by events that they have limited control over? For publishers who can interact with large online audiences, what is the benefit of linking their future marketing plans with an event that has been pushed in so many different directions? What is best for E3 is not always best for companies that have traditionally participated in E3. Today,

E3 feels a bit like a dinosaur. The largest audience is the home audience, but most of the event content is promoting E3 and trying to sell tickets. The exact relationship between the number of people who experience the game in person at E3 and the number of people who are only watching from a distance is certainly something the publisher is looking into, because they determine the feasibility of future E3 participation. The inflexible schedule of

is also a challenge required by the format, but it can still cause headaches for participating companies. If a game or trailer requires more time to prepare for display, or if external factors need to change the planned promotion, no publisher can change the E3 date. Whether you're ready or not, it's happening. When you are responsible for the planned activities and games it shows, you can schedule accordingly. Publishers like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, and Ubisoft can better control their information by setting their own dates.

So what will happen next year? Perhaps after a year's vacation, E3 will return, on a larger scale.

And your usually extensive list of partners will be reduced. The stakes in E3 next year will be high because this may be the last time the dice is rolled. We can also see that many parties who are forced to find new solutions to promote their games find these new solutions to be preferable to the old way of doing things. Participating in your own activities outside of E3 is the last-minute plan B, but it may be upgraded to plan A by 2021. Of course, having more time to plan will make execution easier. Whether the main players can try to coordinate so that these individual events can form some kind of reasonable collective timetable remains to be seen. We can see that the industry will continue to focus on the big games for a week or two in the summer for the rest of the year. , Or we will see everyone scattered to different parts of the calendar. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

What do you think of the future of E3? Do you think this event is vital to the healthy development of the game industry? Do you think this year has shown that it is no longer suitable for the goal? How do you hope things will change in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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