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1080p vs 720p

When it comes to gaming, screen resolution matters. Although you should consider the resolution of the graphics card in the PC version, without a good screen resolution, you will not be able to take full advantage of the potential of the GPU.

In this article, we will understand these two resolutions in more detail. We will discuss which one is more suitable for the game and how they differ.

First, let's look at the 720p resolution. 720p is generally called Hidef, HiDefinition, and the most popular is HD. Most HDTV broadcast channels use

720p. 720p is the format for displaying images and the screen resolution used is 1280 × 720. Due to the small size of


720p is generally considered less than 1080p or 1440p. However, when looking at the resolution, the screen size you use is important. If you use the 720p format on a large 40-inch flat-screen TV, the picture quality will not be very good. However, if you are using a mobile device or a small monitor, the 720p resolution will be clearer.

The number 720 indicates how many pixels the overall resolution is higher. In this example, the height is 720 pixels. p represents how pixels are displayed on the screen, which is progressive. In a progressive image, all pixels of a resolution are displayed at the same time. There is no slight lag or alternating lines like interlaced scanning. Progressive images provide better image quality.

Although 720p is acceptable for smaller screens, the overall image quality is not ideal. Since it has fewer pixels compared to 1080p, it cannot provide such a large resolution. This means that your overall gaming experience will be limited.

Generally, the higher the screen resolution, the better the graphic effect. Most gamers won't use 720p resolution for games, because they can't provide enough detail, especially for next-gen AAA or MMO games. However, for general television viewing, this resolution is not the most popular choice, but it is also acceptable.

As games become more and more complex, the higher the screen resolution, the better your gaming experience and your overall gaming experience.

1080p is equivalent to a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. Since the resolution of pixels is almost twice that of 720p, the overall image quality will be doubled. The image will also become clearer.

is similar to 720p resolution, 1080p uses progressive scan to provide better image quality. When you look at the most used resolutions, 1080p is by far the most common resolution. The aspect ratio of both resolutions is 16:9.

Although 1440p and 4K resolutions are available, 1080p is still the first choice for most gamers. This is because the overall image quality is still very good, and the resolution has no lag at all.

Increasing the 4K resolution sometimes slows down the game speed.

1080p is commonly referred to as Full HD or FHD. Although 720p is still a commonly used HDTV format, it is slowly being replaced by the excellent 1080p. When it comes to which of the two will provide the game with better graphics and overall quality, there is no competition.

Although 720p can be used for watching TV shows or movies, and this is the resolution used by many popular streaming services, it doesn't work well in games.

In games, smoothing can be a problem. If you are unsure of this term, it refers to minimizing image distortion. When an image or video has a low resolution and is displayed at a higher resolution than expected, there are not enough pixels in the image to keep it sharp at the higher resolution.

In view of this, the image may become distorted and become unclear or unclear. In the game, you need as little space as possible for smoothing. In view of this, compared to 720p, 1080p will provide a better resolution because it displays clearer images.

Although it may be more difficult to tell the difference between resolutions on a smaller screen, the larger the screen and the more complex the game, the more obvious the difference in resolution. The price of the

1080p monitor and display is quite reasonable, especially compared to the 1440p or 4K resolution. Since games at this resolution are the first choice, there is no need to splurge on televisions with the highest specs. A moderately sized, good quality 1080p TV or display is very important.

1080p is the best resolution for gaming. Provides a clean and clear overall image. It won’t slow down your game at all, and it’s better than 720p.

Although you can use 720p resolution on a smaller screen, if you want to play the game more seriously, 1080p is the best choice. Although you can choose a resolution of 1440p or 4K, it is not currently the preferred resolution. However, these resolutions may be more adapted to the future in the next few years.

If you can choose between 720p and 1080p, then 1080p is undoubtedly the best and clearest choice overall. It is also the default resolution for most TVs and monitors today.

However, if you only have a 720p resolution TV or monitor, you can still play games on it, but the overall gaming experience will be limited.

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