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1070 vs 1080

If you're a complete Nvidia gamer, but still can't guarantee that Super, Ti, or RTX cards with all these brilliant RT and Tensor cores will stand out, then your best bet is GTX 1070 or 1080.

Competitive gamers and enthusiasts though GPUs You may have turned to newer green ray tracing ranch models, but the 1070 and 80 are still a favorite with 1080p gamers around the world. Even after the RTX 30 series came out, their prices have been steadily declining over the years, highlighting their enduring popularity. But which one is appropriate for you? Is the difference in performance between them worth the hard-earned money? Let's find out!

clock speed

1771 MHz



memory bus width

256 bits

clock speed

1703 MHz


8GB GDDR5X 44540 4454 4040


0 4454

0 GDDR5X 44540 40440 Pascal Maxwell's design has significant improvements over Maxwell, including high bandwidth that triples overall memory efficiency. The 1080 is built using a variant of GP104400A1, with 2560 CUDA cores (or shader units), 160 texture units, 64 render units, 20 SM, 7.2 billion transistors, 48 KB (per SM) L1 cache and 2 MB of L2 cache. The

1070 is built using a variant of the Pascal architecture GP104200A1 Considering the price difference between these cards, you might be surprised to hear how similar these variants are. 1070 has deficiencies in core count and other aspects, with 1920-640 less than its superior, 5 less than SM, 120 in total and 40 behind in texture units, but this is where the difference ends. In terms of rendering output units, number of L1 and L2 transistors and caches, 1070 is comparable to 1080, so in theory these GPUs should have very similar pixel rates. Looking back at the main frequency of

, 1080 has returned to its original state. The base frequency of 1607MHz exceeds 1070-1506MHz, and it has been increased from 1733MHz to 1070-1683MHz, showing its advantages. This means you will get more room for overclocking on 1080, but the wider clock speed range of 1070 can provide more dynamic performance. The

is at 180 watts (1080) and 150 watts (1070). These two GPUs are known to peak under load in the early 1980s, but don't worry. With a shared heat capacity of 94°C, they can definitely handle it. These high temperatures are recorded with the cooling setting set to automatic, so making some user-defined adjustments can lower these temperatures slightly and help them adapt well to your situation.

You will most likely find blown versions of these cards, which is great if you want to protect other residents in the case, but if you are interested in lower GPU temperatures and have a good positive pressure setting, you can. It is worth shopping around the axial iteration.

Although if you really plan to upgrade them through high-end overclocking, both cards will benefit from a nice custom loop, but it's hard to say whether investing in a card makes great financial sense. At the price of these GPUs and water cooling, you will easily get an amazing RTX card.

In some cases, the sizes of adjacent cards in the GPU series are obviously different, but in this duel and duel, this is not "why not choose some GPU of your own size". The size of the

is 4.376"(H) x 10.5" (L) x 2 slots (W). The GTX 1080 and 1070 have the same size. They are all big, but you still don't need a full tower to hold them. If your case is particularly small, they may interfere with other peripherals, so there may be a slight expansion on the card.

Let's go to Bronze Tax to see how these cards differ in honesty and good playability.

Despite the strange similarities in architecture, 1080 provides significantly better 1080p performance at ultra-high settings. For GPU-intensive games like GTA V, it averages over 100 fps and the overall performance is 20 stars higher than the 1070 in the 1980s. 1080 also maintains victory at 1920% in games such as PUBG, Fortnite and Overwatch. Although

does not require the 1080p domain, 1070 remains well above the 100fps mark in most games, so it is still a contender. In fact, many people might think that 1080 is too much for a 1080p game.

Of course, 1080 is also destined to win the 1440p championship, with an average frame rate of about 80 fps and a winning rate of 15%, but 1070 once again performed well. Breaking the 60fps mark is very suitable for playing some high-quality 1440p games under ultra settings.

4K is a challenge for 1070. As we all know, in demanding games, their average frame rate will drop below 30fps. Unfortunately, this means that fast-paced games have obvious vitality and are almost impossible to play. For GPU-compatible games, it exceeds 40fps, but 1080 rarely averages below 48fps.

is a pity, but no GTX card has gained the super power of hardware ray tracing, even the Series 16 built on the Turing architecture cannot. They just don't have a core, but if you really want to experience magic, you can turn on software ray tracing for GTX cards in games that support it. It will not be so impressive. In RDR II, you will not sit behind Hagen Mountain and cry when the sun goes down, nor will you laugh at the reflections in the puddles in the alleys of Novigrad in the moonlight in "The Witcher 3"... but at least It is something. However, keep in mind that RT workloads will reduce your frame rate.

Both cards have

The performance of the memory

sharing the 256-bit bus interfaces separately with 8 GB capacity, the memory settings continue with the bifurcation. 1080 has a bandwidth of 320.3 Gbps, 1070 has a bandwidth of 256.3 Gbps, and 1070 memory frequencies have a valid speed of 1070 Hz high, 1080 1070 1070 FAST 2 Gbps .

Clock watch

1771 MHz


8Gabytes GDDR5 Here

, Bath Wide Memory


Clock Clock

1703 MHz



, Memory Bath Width

256 Bit

Without surprising disclosure, people. GTX 1080 is better than GTX 1070 for the game. It is known that this has been in the Bizarro Bizarro GPU area. Question is ... 1080 worth it?

The price difference between these cards can sometimes become $ 200, and if so, we recommend that we always select 1070 at any time. It provides more than 100 tables per second for most 1080p titles, and for demanding graphics games, the average is approximately 1520 FPS degradation. In addition, Ultra configuration maintains the average of 60 fps for game 1440p, which is really necessary. On the other hand, you can find more than 1070 or more second-hand decades, from Decent or New GTX 1080 with your heart, especially if you are interested in 4K, it is certainly more attractive than prospects. VR game

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