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10 games decade playstation

With the ten years coming to an end, it’s time to look at the PlayStation games that defined the past ten years. From open world epics to action-adventure games, Sony really stands out when it comes to launching exclusive blockbusters for its platform.

Since this decade has spanned the swan song of PlayStation 3 and most of the PlayStation 4 era, we have included two generations of games, and in most cases, both game consoles exist.

from Software, this delicious and challenging PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne in many ways is a testament to this prolific Japanese developer who has accumulated years of experience in arguably his best efforts.

Drawing on dark themes about the nature of terror, greed, and death, Bloodborne weaves a Lovecraft-style narrative that does not hold the player's hand, but at the same time provides a world full of tradition and subtlety. The exquisite level design of

allows the map to be woven and integrated in an almost poetic way, exciting and exquisite battles, diverse and challenging boss battles,

and the incredible ability to instill fear even the most laid-back of us, Bloodborne is a shining beacon of all that video games can and should be.

Reforming a ten-year franchise and injecting new vitality into it is no small feat. Yet this is exactly what Santa Monica Studio accomplished in 2018 God of War.

An emotional story about sadness and alienation between father and son. The action adventure offers an amazing world full of Norse mythology, gods and landscapes.

God of War did not use pure brutality as its central mechanism, but infused solemnity into its violence. This purpose is almost impossible not to respond emotionally. Join some clever environmental puzzles, a bevy of cute characters, and epic boss battles, and you'll soon be getting one of the best games in a decade.

With a 100-hour impact on the senses, Persona 5 is a Japanese RPG genre that has gradually evolved into a kaleidoscope of sounds, visuals, and quirks.

Quirky, unapologetic, and moody, Persona 5 walks very finely between the complex RPG masterclass and the utterly seductive bag that anyone with a PlayStation 4 should jump into.

Prior to the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, developer Guerilla Games was known for its Killzone first-person shooter series. With such a record, few would expect Horizon Zero Dawn to provide one of the most engaging open world games in recent times.

players were asked to travel through a post-apocalyptic world full of mechanized dinosaurs, such as the amiable and skilled warrior Alloy. At a turning point in the formula, we have a world full of life here. A world that has recovered from the excessive behavior of humans in the past, the city is covered by green, and nature has been able to restore what should belong to it.

In the past, it raised its ugly head in the forgotten corner of the towering mountains. In the constant tracking of robots, no matter how large or small, they are tracking the vast and impressive world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

If there is a world that can be lost, then Horizon Zero Dawn is the world that sets the benchmark for open world games.

At this point, there is little else to say about "The Last of Us". The seminal title of Naughty Dog brings almost cinematic writing skills to two compelling and adorable characters in the form of the unlikely couple Joel and Ellie.

Moments of fierce violence give way to gentleness and obvious humanity. In a world surrounded by hordes of zombies, fighting can easily take center stage. Joel’s mission to escort Ellie through the ravaged America and the connections they established make this game a must-have.

is as split as Hideo Kojima's latest game "Death Stranding". Few people in the gaming community can question its far-reaching ambitions. "Death Stranding" is partly an artistic madness and partly an overly indulgent walking simulator, but at its core is the desire to extend our beloved medium beyond its usual limits.

Like Sam Potter, you have traveled through a destroyed world, where the living and the dead live in strange harmony, and all is not what it seems. The game is about a journey of preparation and patience. The enemy is the terrain, the acid rain of Timefall and the soft glow of the rocky outcrops.

Tasked with uniting the various relics of human civilization scattered across mountains, radiated wastelands, and ruined cities, Sam's evolution from a tough and reluctant hero to an enlightened savior is full of twists and turns, crazy thoughts, and the crescendo of both are emotionally influential, which sometimes makes players suspicious.

The truly terrifying ghostly BT is in trouble because it desperately tries to sever the connection to the life world, while the insane porters are eager to hoard goods and cheer unscrupulously in a nearly empty world.

Noble, ambition, flaws, and wonderful all rolled into one, "Death Stranding" is a game that every player should experience.

has a lot to say about simplifying the game, honing its simplicity, and perfecting the game. Journey did just that, and it was a great game.

Journey explores a cliché in a subtle way that it is about journey rather than destination. Exploration, discovery and not holding hands lead to almost spiritual experiences. The fact that it can be done easily all at once makes it a complete experience that will linger in the player's mind. Although

is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Journey remains unaffected by time and is as relevant as it was when it was launched in 2012.

One of the best-known trends in gaming of the last decade is creating games that feel like a cinematic experience, and there is no game that reflects this better than Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Chapter

As The End Of The Franchise,

The excellent remake of Shadow of the Colossus brings the contemplative action puzzle adventure of Team Ico to modern audiences.

Shadow of the Colossus embodies the idea of video games as works of art comparable to paintings or movies. "Shadow of the Colossus" is a mind-opening, unforgettable and extremely challenging game that allows players to fight against huge Titans in dozens of ingenious and diverse ways, which require patience and a lot of cunning. In order to find their weaknesses.

It is a tribute to the original and retains all aspects that make it such an important item in the history of the game.

Marvel’s SpiderMan is a game that allows non-superhero fans to become Marvel’s dynamic comic world fun. The secret ingredient? When Spider-Man himself swings from one building to another at a very fast and effortless speed, he can be interpreted through a perfect model of New York City.

Since then, you've been fascinated. As the game progresses, you add to the action and Spider-Man's arsenal of weapons to create jaw-dropping action sequences that not only feel amazing in the player's hands, but on screen as well. an attractive game.

An excellent and interesting story is full of wit and bravado. You will expect the source material to get a lot of mission diversity that other similar games should pay attention to. Marvel's Spider-Man is just a very interesting game.

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