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How do I complete my gaming setup?

How do I complete my gaming setup?

Gaming PC and/or Console: check. Cool games: check. You probably already have the basic needs of a gamer. But, as a real gamer, you really want to complete your battle station or gaming corner up to the tiniest details to make the most out of your gaming experience. On this page, I explain what the possibilities are.

Build the setup

Before you complete your setup with the necessary lighting and accessories, you must first decide which setup fits your gaming style and budget. Fortunately, our gaming experts have created a gaming setup for every platform, budget, and gaming style.

Mood lighting

desk with LED strips

The current trend in gaming probably hasn't alluded you: everything has lights. RGB is hot, but luckily you don't necessarily need your gaming things to look like a christmas tree. Yet, some lighting can be a stylish addition to the space. With RGB LED strips, you make sure your desk emits a neon-like glow that connects to the lighting of your casing or monitor. Choose the color(s) of your light strip yourself and be creative!

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Streaming with a microphone arm

Now that your space is stylishly lit, you also want to show that on Twitch. But on Twitch, you also want to be perfectly audible, and the microphone on your webcam is usually just a bit too far away. A microphone stand is usually the solution. Opt for an adjustable arm or mount it to the right place on your desk so your sultry voice loudly reverberates across your streaming.

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Sound experience

RGB surround sound speakers

Gaming headsets are cool and help you dive into every aspect of competitive games. But with some games, like The Witcher 3 or the new Red Dead Redemption 2, you want to experience the gaming world. A good set of gaming speakers will take you to these lively worlds. Many gaming speakers also have lighting that you can adjust to the game or to the rest of your RGB setup.

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The details

RGB gaming battlestation mouse pad

With cool lighting, a good microphone, and excellent sound, you just need to do your best in your game. This is a lot easier if you have every single detail fixed, for example by treating your gaming mouse to a good mouse pad. This doesn't only look cool, but also gives you the advantage that the mouse makes the most of the sensor. More headshots? More headshots.

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