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Gamezbyte All advice on the best laptop gaming setup

All advice on the best laptop gaming setup

Advice on Laptop gaming setups

Playing with a laptop is handy because you are not stuck at the table. Playing with friends, on a LAN part and even on the road makes a gaming laptop a very mobile solution. But what do you expect from your gaming experience? In the articles on this page you can read 3 ways to use your gaming laptop setup for your usage situation.

The best entry-level gaming laptop setup

Fortnite zombies shoot shooter Battle Generous victory win game entry level gaming setup laptop

Do you like to play a game like Fortnite, Rocket League or League of Legends in addition to your normal laptop use? Then the entry-level gaming laptop setup is for you. This setup provides you with all the core necessities that you use as a gamer daily, but without having to take out a second mortgage for it.

The best all-round gaming laptop setup

Best all-round gaming laptop all games average FPS frames per second graphic settings

From fast shooters to beautiful, cinematic single player games: the all-round gaming laptop setup is for players who actually play anything. With the all-round setup you have a decent battlestation at home, but you also play most games on or above the 60 FPS with your friends or at a LAN party, without having to drill into your graphic settings.

Hardcore gaming laptop setup

Hardcore fanatic gaming game setup laptop games high high highest quality

As the name suggests, there is no room for compromise with the hardcore gaming laptop setup. Whether you play your setup at home or take the laptop to compete on location: the graphics are just at high settings. For you, 60 FPS is not the norm, but the starting point, and money does not really play a role in that.

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