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Advice on Playstation 4 gaming setup

Advice on Playstation 4 gaming setup

Advice on PlayStation 4 gaming setup

The PS4 is the gaming console to have right now, and with the advice about PS4 gaming setup on this page, you can get the most out of your PlayStation 4 for your playing situation. Here you'll find 3 different gaming setups intended for a casual beginning gamer, a fanatic online gamer, or a graphics enthusiast.

The best entry-level PS4 gaming setup

Neymar Junior kicks the ball in FIFA 19.

After a long day, park yourself in your lazy chair and switch on the PS4 for a game of FIFA against your friends, join your brother or sister for a round of Rocket League, or drag your friends in for a few games of Fortnite. The best entry-level PS4 gaming setup is meant for you, so you can just relax without having to pay too much.

The best PS4 gaming setup for online games

American soldiers from a World War II game walk through a forest.

You live for the exciting action that you only encounter in online multiplayer games. Call of Duty, Battlefield V, it doesn't matter, because with the best PS4 setup for online games, you get everything you need to beat your opponents. This setup focuses on better controls, clear communication with your team, and the fastest, smoothest images, all to have you end up at the top of the scoreboard.

The best PS4 gaming setup for the best experience

Man on horse rides into wild west village with rifle on his back in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The PS4 gaming setup for the best experience is meant for the gamer who wants to be completely absorbed in the cinematic games that PlayStation has to offer. Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn, you play them all the way they were meant to be played, by fully having both the image and the sound come into their own. You play the best games on the best setup, and you've saved up for that.

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