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MEE6 commands Discord Server

MEE6 commands

MEE6 Commands Bot for Discord - Features Guide

Since the main day, the quantity of enrolled strife clients is becoming quickly because of its comfort and an extensive rundown of multi-reason benefits. It is good, and everything except dealing with a huge crowd on a specific strife worker can become testing as a general rule. There are times when you are inaccessible, or a few agitators are making your life hard by disrupting the arrangement of guidelines and guidelines. Simultaneously, there are likewise a lot of devoted clients that assume a huge part in the development of workers by profiting the local area for sure.

These days, numerous clients deal with different friction workers and incorporate to the crowds of different stages all the while. The best models are as a matter of fact Reddit, YouTube, and well known live-real time stage Twitch. To oversee and make a seriously captivating local area on Discord, the MEE6 commands is the ideal answer for your worker.

For what reason do you need a MEE6 commands?

The quantity of advantages that the MEE6 commands offers is striking, without a doubt. At the point when you have more than one channel or a restricted labor force to oversee information, this is the place where the MEE6 commands sparkles the most brilliant. Dealing with a developing crowd and maintaining a strategic distance from activities that may unwittingly prompt a warmed discussion can turn out to be fairly extreme and testing. Thus, bots, for example, MEE6 are ideal with their tremendous scope of highlights and orders. Regardless of whether it be custom orders, playing music, inviting new individuals, or allotting levels, the MEE6 dashboard has every one of the important highlights that you need for your disunity worker.

What is the MEE6 commands?

Fundamentally, the MEE6 conflict bot is a visit bot that gives the executives choices to the online friction local area, similar as Rythm Bot, YAGPDB Bot, or Groovy Bot.

It upgrades your disagreement experience by presenting high-spec control and incorporations to famous destinations, i.e., YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and commitment gamification highlights. In the event that you are a live decoration or YouTube content maker, you can create a warning when you go on the web.

Additionally, regardless of whether it be showing computerized messages to invite new individuals, play your number one music, manage instigating individuals, or some other remarkable highlights, the MEE6 commands has everything available for you.

The simplicity to-get to MEE6 dashboard allows you to arrange a wide scope of settings for your friction worker and gather important client information at the same time.

This bot likewise empowers you to appoint specific jobs to your individuals relying upon the quantity of predefined advantages. MEE6 commands is thoroughly liberated from cost and accompanies a top notch form that costs not many bucks in return for extra highlights.

MEE6 Commands Features

Beside the control and customization, the MEE6 dashboard offers a lot of highlights to upgrade the client experience on the stage.

It allows you to send messages to your individuals straightforwardly to look after security, produce valuable measurements concerning significant occasions occurring across the globe, make surveys for explicit subjects, and substantially more.

MEE6 commands is particularly useful for its declaration capacities for streaming and substance creation stages.

In light of the client information and experience, new energizing highlights get presented regularly and make having the bot on your worker even more beneficial.

The Best Visual Music Player

MEE6 commands is most popular for its music player, permitting you to play music and deal with your adjustable playlists. MEE6 dashboard allows you straightforwardly to look through your #1 music without expecting to embed any confounded orders. In the event that you are playing the music on the friction worker, it empowers the client to project decides on replaying or avoiding the music. You can likewise set up difficulties for individuals to figure the tune and craftsman's name to acquire focuses.

Custom Commands

Custom orders let you oversee allocated parts to various individuals, send mechanized messages, convey the significant warning, illuminate individuals about continuous and impending occasions, and considerably more.

Leveling and XP

Leveling is something that the administrator empowers and characterizes explicit guidelines that award the clients XP after communicating something specific on the worker. You can characterize the edges needed to arrive at the following level and tell the part in regards to their accomplishment either freely or through DMs. The XP acquire for worker individuals gets shown on the devoted worker leaderboards. You can embed orders and acquaint yourself with your complete XP, part rankings, and levels. Pounding it can turn out to be somewhat intriguing when certain prizes anticipate after hitting a predefined milestone, like position cards.

Private Channels

MEE6 Bot allows you to pick a private channel and keep you refreshed in regards to the exercises occurring on the friction worker. It very well may be identified with individuals getting restricted, quieted, kicked, and that's just the beginning.

Custom Moderation Options

MEE6 commands control framework assumes a significant part in dealing with your worker from hurtful notices, dangerous connections, upsetting substance, swearing, and other online issues. You can set up activities that let you monitor client's infractions dedicated and control the traffic with robotized clocks. It saves the difficulty of physically managing each part, regardless of whether identified with boycotts, quieting, or kicking the problematic individuals.

MEE6 commands

With regards to the MEE6 commands, the friction worker's arbitrator has a specific assortment of orders that they can execute to control their worker. Beside the custom orders, these exceptional orders cover a wide scope of capacities that are advantageous and important to deal with the eccentric idea of online networks. MEE6 commands orders are referenced beneath:

!ban – Command for banning a designated user from the discord server
!tempban – Command for restricting a user from the discord server for a temporary duration
!kick – Command for kicking a user from the discord server
!mute – Command for muting a user from the discord server
!unmute – Command for unmuting a user from the discord server
!tempmute – Command for temporarily muting a user from the discord server
!clear – Command for clearing the messages of a channel
!role-info – Command for extracting the information related to a specific role
!user-info – Command for getting information about a user
!server-info – Command for getting information concerning the existing server
!infractions – Command for displaying the infractions of a particular user
!slowmode – Command for disabling or enabling the slow-mode feature in a channel
!unban – Command for unbanning a user from the discord server
!warn – Command for issuing a warning to a particular user

Custom Commands

MEE6 allows server moderators to set up custom commands. These commands can respond with custom messages in a DM or a public channel or give members one or more roles. They can contain formatting, emoji, or links. Commands can also have role restrictions and cooldown times set.


If leveling is enabled, users gain XP when they send messages. Users will level up at specific XP thresholds, at which point an announcement is sent in the current channel or in a DM. XP for server members is recorded and listed at a server leaderboard, which can be found by entering the !leaderboard command. Use the !rank command to see any user's ranking, level, and XP.


MEE6 Premium is a paid subscription-based service that unlocks exclusive features. These include:

  • Access the Reaction Roles, Record, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Music Quiz, and Music plugins.
  • Audit the editing and deletion of messages and the posting of server invites.
  • Auto-moderate messages containing server invites or external links.
  • Give predefined role rewards to members when they reach specific levels.
  • Change the XP gain rate.
  • Use the !give-xp and !remove-xp commands.
  • Customize default !rank cards for members.
  • Add a banner to the server leaderboard page.
  • Remove ads from the leaderboard page.
  • Get the Premium role and access a premium channel in the official MEE6 server.

MEE6 bot likewise gives you the opportunity to add custom orders to your disunity worker. These orders could be utilizing explicit contentions or characterized factors or utilizing both at the same time.

The factors predominantly allude to the clients, worker, channels, and even be random. A portion of the basic models incorporate {user. name}, {channel. id}, and {user. avatar}, and so on

With regards to utilizing contentions, the custom orders let you duplicate a particular contention and surprisingly various contentions by joining the orders. This is one of the best Discord bots.

You can even characterize a default esteem if the client didn't indicate a specific incentive for the contention. You can do it by adding {: default text} after the code closes.

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