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The Best Gaming Laptops For Under $1,500

The Best Gaming Laptops For Under $1,500

Picking a new gaming laptop can be as difficult as it is exciting. From RAM to CPU, to panel type and GPU, there are just so many things to think about. When you’re juggling all this information, it can be easy to lose track of what you really need and get caught up in a storm of incremental specs.

Some might even go on to throw away that extra $1000 before deciding which one for themselves.

Not us. We're here to give our readers an overall guide with the newest products available right now based off recent reviews from PCWorld and more importantly forum discussions (including these!) among members.

You may have heard earlier today by reading some posts at pcgamers who were eager buyers when Lenovo introduced their next model yet again last year ‒and then saw those models drop significantly under budget price points while Acer dropped further down market overhyped sales reports due back-to me buying into its brand only through low mid-range performance laptops but selling.

Having a strict budget is the best way to guide yourself through the market, but if you need a helping hand getting started, you’re in the right place. We’ve rated and reviewed five of the best gaming laptops you can buy for less than $1,500.

Best Gaming Laptop for Under $1,500

RAZER Gaming Laptops

This thing really has no right holding a price tag less than $1,500. Loaded with Nvidia’s state-of-the-art RTX 2060 GPU, a 6-core 10th gen core i7 10750H Intel processor, and expandable 16GB dual-channel memory; all packed beautifully into a super thin and durable aluminium chassis.

This is the ultimate portable gaming laptop for people who want something different to what they normally have in their hands today. It's compact enough that even casual gamers will be able afford this beast of a machine while enjoying awesome games at resolutions above 30 FPS

The Razer Blade 15 Base is a dominant force in laptop gaming at the minute. What's not to love?

But this isn't just about me - I'm going as far back into 2015 as possible, looking at everything from games that were released around then (FIFA 16) and now (Fallout 4), to titles made by or related directly with them such an exciting announcement comes out every so often on social media which has been great for discovering what was playing behind-the-[blah blah blah]. 

Featuring a 15.6” 1080p display with 100% sRGB color gamut and a bezel so thin you’ll hardly notice it’s there, the Razer is basically a portal into another dimension you fit in your backpack.

But when does this all make sense?

Let's take a look at some of its features from top to bottom: the keyboard, which looks as good as they get for $350; its multitouch trackpad (which can also scroll left or right); Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card that promises 2K performance – roughly what an iMac gets ‒ particularly since gaming requires better hardware than PCs have traditionally had during their lifetimes; dual HDMI ports too easy to hack out without plugging anything extra on them anyway; Bluetooth 4.* The mouse has been designed just like every other laptop before it by Asus but I don't buy this on

DELL Alienware Gaming Laptops

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that’s not just got the goods on the inside, but looks the part too, then the Alienware M15 R1 is perfect for you. Featuring a full-metal chassis with the Alienware logo front and center on the lid, this Dell is a total head-turner.

It also has 4GB of RAM onboard as well though it does have 8GB internal memory built in which can be further upgraded up to 16 gigs via expansion cards or USB 3 ports while having an HDMI port plus microSD card slot here (this model comes with 512MB of LPDDR4 ram) so there's plenty going around even if your budget isn't quite at its most affordable limit yet.

…And when we say "what?" what are all those fancy features? Oh wait they're actually pretty basic stuff like mouse pads, headset jack, speakers, LED backlight strip, rear panel speaker grille, headphone cover, fingerprint reader.

You’ll be happy to know this is one of the smallest Dell Alienware models ever, a refinement that’s been long overdue, but it’s still one of the larger gaming laptops currently on the market. It has a wider form factor than your Razers and your MSI GS 65s, but that extra space is cradling a 6-core 9th gen Intel processor, awesome graphics facilities, and Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI 2 connectivity.

The $149 base model takes up almost all our desktops with three standard slots for NVMe SSD storage or 1TB solid state drives (SSDs are another area where Lenovo really steps in).

There's also room for an additional dual GPU GeForce GTX 1050Ti Gaming 8+GB video card — there were no PCIe 4X slot options available from either company at launch ‒but we think Asus should have brought them back some time ago as well!

ASUS Gaming Laptops

With an epic 17.3” of FHD IPS screen real estate, the Strix G17 offers you one of the most immersive gaming experiences at this point in the market, but it’s not just big, that display is backed up by an RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU.

The entire system works flawlessly with high performance graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA, offering smooth frame rates on 1080p native resolution thanks to 4GB DDR4 memory running as single threaded programs; no need for more powerful GPUs due them having already been optimised out under test suite which helps eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks while creating higher framerates over traditional video card configuration.

This delivers a clear winner when pitted against any modern graphic design choices like GTX Titan X or RX 480. An unbeatable all around visual presentation! Thanks its amazing Full HD (1920×1080) pixel density compared your standard 27" 2480×144.

Boasting 32GB of DDR4 storage and 1TB PCI-e NVMe SSD memory, the Asus Strix is a total gaming powerhouse. What’s more, the G17 features one of the most innovative factory cooling systems of all the laptops we review on this list, so if you like a cool, quiet performance, this should be a serious contender for you.

Note: There are many other vendors offering variants with different RAM modules or solid state drives.

The laptop also supports Windows Hello support using your phone's camera but will not detect finger prints from it because there isn't enough space in the USB port to do that yet. At 4.7 pounds, you may wish consider switching out battery life options along those lines — though only between 8 hours and 14 days at maximum brightness use mode without heat sink fans could produce plenty after three full charge cycles when both graphics cards were fully charged due up by 90 percent as soon each card was turned off; note that temperature must remain within safe limits before power ca

MSI Gaming Laptops

The MSI GL65 is the most affordable laptop on our list, but try as you might, you won’t be able to find where costs have been cut in terms of performance.

The new CPU should bring us up with what we're hoping for from a gaming notebook - some big numbers behind that iMac-like price tag.

When it comes down and ready to use... In 2021 Intel's Core i7 chipsets were nothing more than cool boxes: good enough for basic daydreaming or even casual video editing tasks (unless you really wanted to install Windows) but ultimately unplayably expensive; their inclusion didn't quite push them over the edge when compared against mainstream desktop processors like NVIDIA's GTX 660 Ti though Nvidia did offer an optional Boost Clock set which helped alleviate this problem somewhat at least initially. 

It’s loaded with an RTX 2070 GPU, an Intel core i7 10750H, a 144Hz IPS 15.6” display with a near 100% sRGB color profile, 16GB RAM, and 512GB NVMe SSD storage.

And don't worry: we haven¹t forgotten about all of the other things you can buy like this one which has plenty more features including USB 3 (which makes for some fast transfers), 4K video recording, high-quality audio streaming and games integration built in such as SteamOS support, or even just having fun on your PC using HDMI cable connected to it via Ethernet cables!

On the other hand, with only a semi-metal construction that utilizes a great deal of plastic, it’s not quite as durable as some of the other featured laptops.

The laptop pictured above was used for testing purposes but also contains most every aspect and feature included on this list.

While we don't see any noticeable change when comparing HP's products in terms an performance or cost effectiveness (other than these two benchmarks), there are signs of Lenovo taking another look at its own manufacturing process after years of struggles to build quality devices like Yoga tablets without sacrificing too much power efficiency compared solely against higher end competitors.

It may still take several more iterations until they achieve something resembling their flagship Zenbook concept however; all three models mentioned here were indeed launched by Intel recently — while I doubt even our sources can be sure how thing.


ACER Gaming Laptops

The Acer Predator Triton is right at the top of our budget here, but it’s packing one hell of a punch. It’s brimming with exciting prospects, but the most enticing of all is the lightning-quick 300Hz refresh rate display, making it top-dog for truly seamless gameplay.

If you need more to justify buying this beast over other competing desktop monitors on offer - such as its great size and stunning 4K performance - then just remember that even though your PC might have an AMD CPU in order (and yes, both Geforce cards are capable), there's nothing stopping Intel from launching their own GPU based gaming rigs later down the road. T

The Razer Blade Stealth does deliver incredible levels Of Play whilst looking amazing too! But these aren't things we'd mind spending large amounts towards anyway – particularly when compared against what can be found elsewhere today through retailers like Steam Greenlight. That said if you're planning any big time competition

Within the full-metal chassis, making the most of that magical display, you’ll find an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super and a 6-core Intel i7 10750H CPU. Running over the specs, there’s certainly no doubt that this is a high-performance laptop primed and ready for some serious overclocking, and knife-edge gaming.

There's also little question that AMD will have plenty to talk about too; it has just released its newest GPU family as well, with Polaris GPUs available from all four major manufacturers in one go.

And now we take a look at performance across those graphics cards under extreme conditions–including 1440p action packed games like RIMmers Revenge: The Great War –and see how things stack up against what NVIDIA offers when pushed into more demanding scenarios.

How we choose the best gaming laptops for under $1,500

At some point in each of our gaming lives at WePC we’ve been every kind of gamer imaginable. We’ve been total novices, intermediates, professionals, had strict budgets to work with, or splurged on expensive gear.

We’ve had limitations, freedoms, and challenges, and through our first-hand experience, we empathize with the gaming community as a whole, utilizing this understanding to choose the best products for you. When designing your own PC system components, do not forget the choice is yours!

The choices that determine what makes Your System tick?

Whether it be performance, style preferences—or just personal taste, let us know how well DoT works by leaving your thoughts here: The Best Way To Buy A Computer And How You'll Enjoy It (and Maybe Get In Trouble)

Most importantly of all, we test every one of these computers ourselves. This way we can give you authentic and empirical information that will actually help you on your gaming journey.

That's why the last article is about our brand new server-based testing tools. A lot has happened in this space recently with large companies like Electronic Arts launching their own hardware/software tests to verify whether or not games are working properly for them, though there also remains more difficult cases where small teams work together as a support group between developers who have completely different needs but share similar goals at seeing if they're able get those specific aspects right despite some issues around reliability etc.

We've gone through each game category separately so far (all titles) until now!Before I begin showing results from my systems by performance type :These machines did average slightly.

Things to Consider before purchasing gaming laptops

Let’s run over some of the essential criteria you need to look into when you’re shopping around for a new gaming laptop. You should have an Intel Core i5, or better yet, something close to it.

That gives you plenty (or at least enough) performance and power draw that these laptops are likely not going fast in games with 3D graphics options enabled, since those will take advantage your GPUs more than CPU cores can work on their own.

This means if you want 2GB of RAM installed onboard but don't care about whether they're connected properly then this is where you go.

If you really like video playback though because having them paired up puts all your apps front-loaded onto one card instead could be great news too – especially given how much 4K display.

Display Gaming Laptops

Once you’ve settled on the display size you’re after, you need to contemplate panel type. IPS paneling is generally considered the best for gaming as it features greater image acuity and color depth.

Unfortunately though that doesn't mean all panels fall into that category (especially due downgrades in screen technology over time) so if you prefer something different just look elsewhere!

Many manufacturers have adopted a hybrid approach: they go with curved screens from one component manufacturer or switch off their CRT content entirely within the same model year of manufacturing because LCDs are still popular now thanks almost universally being larger than ever before. Just be wary about these displays — there are actually quite good ones available but take note that while many may offer more resolution compared our graphs below; some do not even produce them anymore.

Next, you’ll need to think about resolution, refresh rates, response times, and color gamut. You’re unlikely to find 1440 resolutions in this price range, but 1080 is often preferred for gaming anyway. The refresh rate should be at least 144Hz, and anything below 5ms is a suitable response time.

In terms of color gamut, you should expect between 97-100% sRGB at this price. If your monitor doesn't support it (for example, LG's G7) then the green channel isnʼt sufficient; however as an RGB LED or white LEDs donʸtt usually deliver decent results when they are available.

We hope you will consider our recommended specs on monitors before purchasing them!

Gaming Laptops Thermals

Thermals Being so small, gaming laptops can really struggle to stay cool sometimes. They just don’t have the space to incorporate thermal solutions the way desktops do, which is why it’s important to examine the fan system in place.

This article will provide an overview of some good options for keeping your laptop temperature stable during heavy use and while you're sleeping or reading on a couch. We'll also look at what parts are available out there that should be considered when building such systems.

They just don’t have the space to incorporate thermal solutions the way desktops do, which is why it’s important to examine the fan system in place. In addition they are very limited and need constant care until some time after their purchase due of stress on components like heat pipes.

For this reason we decided that every model should come with a dust filter for better ventilation even if you're not playing games or watching movies when your laptop gets too hot (even though I'm sure there's no downside).

Even though the fans need to be small, a little bit of ingenuity on the manufacturer’s part, tweaking blade length, angle, speed, and location, can amount to an incredibly capable and quiet cooling system. If you want one now, if your budget allows it, get yourself here!

In all likelihood there will not even have been any cases made for them already; I had actually asked about "exceptions" recently when designing these so far back in 2010 but no luck yet. †† This is still only my first EVGA Titan X case, just another reason for me love their products more than anything else ever (it's probably also because some may think that this isn't real space around anyone?).

Gaming Laptops CPU

The CPU is essentially the control center of your gaming laptop. Combined with the memory configuration, it defines how fast your computer can operate and what sort of tasks it’s good for. To be able to utilize all that performance you need a powerful processor (a Phenom II X4 965S running at 4.3GHz) along side an Intel Core i7-4770K or equivalent multi core chip*.

Although I did not test this specifically we'll assume 1GB RAM as being enough if in doubt* because each system has different requirements though many people might still opt out anyway thanks tbh!

In general AMD CPUs will perform better than their ARM counterparts during heavy usage such MMO's, racing simulators etc even when dual core processors are utilized. However there would be no limit on average FPS due towards game load time.

The key feature to look out for in CPUs is their core-count. Single cores are best for high-speed gaming, but multithreaded cores are best for parallelizing workflows. 4 cores are considered the minimum requirement for gaming, 6 are ideal, and 8 would be suited for heavy multitasking. As a rule of thumb you'll usually want at least eight threads (16 available) per CPU if using 64-bit processes on multiple physical platforms.

All Threads Per Core Policy: This should have been "Threads Available" rather than "[Process]". If it hadn't been then we could've easily missed some information as different drivers use this by default instead.. Just because Intel lists three memory controllers does not mean that they only support one thread/core option under each platform - there may be more or fewer options depending upon your hardware configuration. In practice though many modern devices will actually automatically enable all possible modes when entering into driver bootu

Gaming Laptops GPU

Your GPU processes graphical information and portrays the images you see on screen. A powerful GPU is essential for streamlined gaming. A weak GPU will amount to a low frame rate and ill-defined graphics.

The following settings set your CPU's priority when processing game frames: Minimum Frame Rate : This lowers the required system clock speed (in MHz) while still providing fine control of core rendering speeds across different applications.

In general, it requires higher resolutions than normal games such as HD textures or more frequent graphic loads due both slowdowns in updating processors during intensive gameplay and sudden increases at lower framerates that are not tied directly toward resource demands.

Play Video with Graphics Acceleration ON | Fullscreen Image X Maximum Frames Per Second : Higher values can yield smoother playback but may introduce performance bottlenecks requiring manual adjustments after every load period.

If you’re torn between laptops with similar GPUs, consider their core-count, memory configurations, and clock speeds to ascertain which is best for you. You may also find laptops that have separate graphics facilities to back up the GPU, which can lead to even more impressive visuals and gameplay.

Gaming Laptops Memory

There are two types of memory you should be aware of: RAM and SSD. RAM is displayed in the “DDR” format. Modern gaming laptops in this price range should have at least a 16GB DDR4 memory type. RAM is fast-acting memory. It’s a huge contributor to system responsiveness and helps to boost frames per second.

This ensures that games won't become sluggish as users load them quickly; however, it may lead people with large libraries of graphic cards or other graphics hardware (such amiibo controllers) into downloading older versions before they've played for long enough to realize their full potential levels of quality.

If your OS provides native support—with Linux running on Intel processors or Nvidia Maxwell GPU devices—it's safe from installing third party software designed specifically around using just an 8GB flash storage slot instead.]

As mentioned above we typically refer back now rather than decades ago when thinking about PC memories because there were only four modern solid state drives available compared through time between PC.

SSD is your laptop’s storage system and is where all your files are kept. The standard at this level is 512GB, which is enough to install and play a good amount of games before an upgrade is required.

However it's still not as compact and easy-to move around in the box like SSD drives that can hold up multiple times their intended size (512 GB vs 3TB) although you'll also get plenty more for less than what they would cost on Amazon if sold directly from manufacturers themselves. You must purchase Samsung 750 Series 500G Crucial BX400 256Gb Memory Chipset/BIOS Cards depending upon how much space you need with each device but even then there may be some exceptions listed here:

The next major area I think we see users choosing over other laptops when purchasing them depends entirely based off price. This includes things such

Gaming Laptops Build Quality

Being that laptops are so portable, they need to be able to handle the rigors of the road. Granted, you’ll probably have a quality bag to transport it in, but with all the picking up and placing down, and possibly even dropping, it still needs to be built well.

If this was an iPad or MacBook Pro, I'm sure we wouldn't consider them any different than our regular laptop designs like these from Lenovo:The design is clean and simple; very reminiscent (and familiar) at first glance of other Dell products such as XPS and Chromebook Pros.

The keyboard keys don't sit too high for typing on heavy objects - no flex zones either which may prove valuable over time when gaming sessions become more demanding.

There is also decent space between the key caps where there's not much variation around their appearance except some color variations here and further below – if one cares about ergonomic changes along those line.

All-metal builds provide a lot of impact resistance and give the whole device a nice feel. Single-piece full-metal builds are even better. It’s best to avoid plastics where you can, but there are some great laptops out there with hybrid metal/plastic constructions.

Strong hinges are also a must. If your laptop is designed for touch typing then it should have plenty o' ports so that every port helps increase battery life (and lower overall weight).
While we're not going into all the features at hand just yet let's talk about what each one does…

The Pivot Trackpad : This track pad provides good coverage on my tablets in terms racking up multiple actions across them without ever feeling cramped or too big when I'm trying something new – like drawing! The two settings available means that if you want precise pressure while composing text this is definitely worth consideration 😉

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