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Amazon Prime Day Best Gaming Deals Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, And More

Amazon Prime Day Best Gaming Deals Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, And More

Amazon Prime Day Best Gaming Deals | Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, And More

Get all the best gaming and console deals this Prime Day by signing up on Amazon Prime. 

Amazon Prime Membership

There is one little bit of small print when it comes to Amazon Prime Day – you have to be a Prime member to get access to the deals themselves. If you’re already a member then you don’t need to do anything (although you can set up some deal alerts to make sure you don’t miss out).

If you’re not a Prime member, read on to find out what to do next. First things first: sign up now! It's free and if everything works as expected they will give your email address so send them an invite 🙂 I did this last year for my boyfriend who was also the time but unfortunately he didn't participate because there were no events planned online or offline across Europe during prime time which means we had to pay extra cash…

Amazon Prime Day Best Gaming Deals

If you have been a Prime member but canceled your membership, then you won’t be able to take advantage of the free trial. But, the one-month subscription fee can definitely be worth it if you’re looking to get your hands on a few games, or even a new console this Prime Day.

In addition for us PC users around here, The King Of Fighters XIII will now begin making its way from retail stores as well as Amazon and Best Buy in early December starting at $39 before shipping (this is assuming we were lucky enough not buy my laptop after buying all four pieces).

What To Look For – Prime Day Gaming Deals

Amazon usually does some great deals on gaming during Prime Day, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to get the most out of the event whether you’re buying for Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch. Here are a few ways to check if an Amazon special is in stock at that time:

Prime-Day-Games and hit 'Back This Event' (you may have used this code before). Enter your email below - You will be asked to confirm it once set up Your order number should come from above.

Click "Continue" Next Google searches might show games now listed as sold OutOfStock On top page Find titles currently still under preorder Have them ordered Get those orders placed Now take these steps carefully If they weren't available yet… 

Nintendo Switch Deals

Every year, we see great bundles and price drops for a range of Nintendo Switch products. If you were one of the unlucky ones that missed out on grabbing a Switch at the start of lockdown, this is the perfect time to join the hype. And, since the console has been out for some time now, you can expect some pretty hefty discounts. Here are five games with big savings from December.

We've decided not only which deals will be highlighted here but also what they include in each bundle. Check it below:

Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 Deals

We suspect that there will be a limited number of PS5 pre-orders added in time for Prime Day discounts, so if you’re wanting to get your hands on one of their next-gen consoles, make sure you’re ready to go as soon as the deals go live.

For those waiting on upgrading, there are bound to be some pretty impressive discounts on PS4 consoles and games too now that they’re older models. We expect them all to run right out its retail lifecycle with these PlayStation 4 bundles available at Walmart during this year's holiday season.

Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S

Just like with the new Playstation, the new Xbox consoles will likely get restocked in time for Prime Day.

And again, we’re likely to see big discounts on Xbox One consoles and games as the newer models are hitting the market and taking their place. In addition you could read about some of our favorite deals here at which is always a welcome source of additional goodness when it comes back online but these days there's no real reason to go looking elsewhere — especially if you enjoy playing old classics or gaming classic video game series from across all your previous console generations.

If you want more information then check out this blog article that covers everything from PS1 exclusives to PC exclusive titles coming soon so please subscribe below: For much more details feel free hit up Gamersgate (we have links inside too!)

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